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    I attended the first Springtime of Youth music festival

    The festival circuit has exploded over the past five years and colleges have taken notice. University shows have turned into full day events across the country. Vanderbilt, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio Univ. and many others have put together line-ups for their students and the public to exercise day long musical cravings. My friends on the […]

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    4 Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing

    According to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey, Americans are the leading consumers of coffee with roughly 83 percent of adults drinking coffee in the U.S. And the 2014 survey showed that Americans drink coffee more than soft drinks, or soda, or pop depending on where you are from. Sadly, though, as we consume […]

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    FOURTWENTY -psych sync

    Well, State-Lines has returned. And the Pizza Wizard is back to lead you in all things weird and trippy.   With years having passed since the last Psych Sync/State-lines post, you must be wondering, what came of Psych Sync. And the answer is both many things and no things. But that is stuff we can […]

  • book_of_jameis

    The Book Of Jameis

    INTRODUCTION – FOR ALL THE HATERS This article is dedicated to my friend Chase.  He is a good guy, and I consider him a smart sports fan. But, after a lengthy twitter exchange about Jameis Winston, he said this.   He MOST LIKELY raped someone, and 90 percent of people realize Winston is a sh#&bag. […]