• Treat Yo Self Teal

    5 Things You Should Love About Yourself

    When I was trying to decide on what to write for my first article back I thought about a hundred ideas ranging from funny rants to countdowns. However, State-Lines is expanding and I want my articles to expand with it. My first article back is about you, the reader, and five things out of thousands […]

  • Relaunch_cast

    Aaaanndd We’re Back!

    State Lines Podcast – Aaaaanndd We’re Back! The guys (Jarrett & Adam) are back at it with a brand new State Lines Podcast. After a lengthy hiatus, they’re catching up on lost times all while giving you some insight as to what they’ve been up to. The two State Lines founders also delve in to the […]

  • jeremy_scene_10


    A new play in ten scenes.  Our cast of characters: Annie Ellis, Garrett Molloy, Gibson Maguire; together in a Capra-corn for the millennial age. New to FOUR BUCKS A NAME?  Read scenes one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine. The sound of a zipper and a clasp. GARRETT MOLLOY: Give me the notebook. ANNIE ELLIS: It’s packed, Garrett. We […]

  • wrymer_truman

    Wrymer Wremembers: The Truman Show

    “Will Truman ever transcend his ennui, Daddy?” Inspire men by living life! One catch: relinquish all your dreams. Don’t look at her – we’ve picked your wife, And ratings keep you center screen. The world’s a stage, and you’re the lead; Reality’s a cardboard set. Is love an act concealing greed? Is freedom fenced inside […]