Not every television show is worth the hype surrounding it.  But you can bet your pants, THE NEWSROOM is deserving of your time and attention.

My brilliant and beautiful wife Elizabeth just re-watched season one with me and we couldn’t be more excited for Sunday night and season two!

Together, we came up with ten solid reasons you should tune in to HBO on July 14th at 10 p.m. with video evidence that will make you buy the hyperbole of THE NEWSROOM.

1. Aaron “the Playwright” Sorkin is writing another thing o’ beauty.

His monologues, dialogues, jokes and characters are legendary.  See: THE WEST WING and THE SOCIAL NETWORK.  Fans know NBC and ABC too-quickly killed off STUDIO 60 and SPORTS NIGHT.  In comes HBO, on a white horse, to let the guy write this show the way he wants!

2. The cast is a dream ensemble of True Greats and Fresh Faces.

Jane Fonda. Dev Patel. Sam Waterston. Olivia Munn. Jeff Daniels. Thomas Sadoski. Emily Mortimer. Chris Messina. Come on!!!  They deliver on all counts.

3. It makes us laugh.

High-brow, low-brow; THE NEWSROOM injects a laugh at just the right time.  The humor is character based and expertly executed.

4. It tells the story behind the big events that backdrop our lives.

Think of it as a documentary covering the recently lived news.  Except, in the world of this show, a major journalistic outfit actually aspires to excellence.

5. This is a show for men and women.  Trust us.

The show holds both men and women to a higher standard.  It shows how both genders can be filled with genius yet be tragically flawed.  It’s a take on the “rom-com” genre by the guy who gave us A FEW GOOD MEN.

6. It’s intellectually honest and even (don’t shake your head at us!) bipartisan!

It’s not just a show for liberals or Democrats.  The show questions every angle and interest, following the money and the power it buys.  Will McAvoy is a real Republican and that’s why Fox News can’t stand him.

7. You’ll learn truths hiding in plain sight.

Aaron Sorkin has always had biting foresight.  His shows are researched and telling.  THE NEWSROOM is no exception.  In diving into the the very recent past, he’s telling secrets from our soon-coming future.

8. It continues the Sorkin tradition of gifted and complicated female characters.

MacKenzie Mchale is another strong leading lady, in the vein of Jordan McDeere, Harriet Hayes, C.J. Cregg, Donna Moss and Dana Whitaker.  No writer gives female characters stuff to say and do like Sorkin does.  It’s a joy to watch.

9. It’s on a mission to civilize…even HBO.

Sorkin is set free from network television, so people talk like real people.  But, since language has always been his strength, every word is there for a striking reason.  That said, just because it’s on HBO, doesn’t mean Sorkin is indulging in the opportunity for “sexposition” or hyper-violence.  THE NEWSROOM is never over-the-top.

10. It has heart.

This show will get you.  It will make you care deeply about topics you may have heard about for the very first time.

Did you know, your cable provider (like, say, Brighthouse) may be offering the entire season one for free-view right now?  Look at your On Demand menus and soak in the Sorkinese.  THE NEWSROOM is not perfect.  “It’s not.  But it can be.”  Let’s watch this cast clear the bar that Sorkin keeps raising.  On with season two!



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