55th Annual Grammy Predictions State Lines Podcast

Main Event – 2013 Grammys

Adam and Jarrett are big music fans, but, they are also kind of snobs.  They are the type that act like they’re too cool for radio (but of course if you fast forward a bit you can totally hear them both admit to kind of liking “Call Me Maybe”).  That’s why they were both surprised with the 2013 Grammys.  The committee did an excellent job of not just picking the “same ol same ol” nominees.  The show will be going down on February 10, 2013 at 8 pm.  Broadcasting from The Staples Center, and hosted by the incomparable LL Cool J (you apparently don’t want to break in to his house), the night also features an excellent group of performers.  Adam and Jarrett spend some time talking about the major categories and predicting who will win.  Jarrett has a history of pwning Adam in games like these… Let’s see how this one turns out shall we?

What’s Happening

Well, it’s a sad day.  The superbowl has come and gone.  That doesn’t stop the duo from chatting a bit about the big story lines.  But, they don’t stay sad for long, as they are basking in the glow of the official launch of State-Lines.com.  That’s right, it’s finally live, and going extremely well.  Also, Adam has finished season 4 of Breaking Bad and is finally catching up to the rest of the universe.



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