4 Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2013 online survey, Americans are the leading consumers of coffee with roughly 83 percent of adults drinking coffee in the U.S. And the 2014 survey showed that Americans drink coffee more than soft drinks, or soda, or pop depending on where you are from.

Sadly, though, as we consume our millions upon millions of cups of coffee on a daily basis we still hold belief in a few coffee myths that are likely holding us back from a better coffee experience.

1. Strong Tasting Coffee = Higher Caffeine Content: You probably hear this every time you wait in line at your local coffee chain and even sometimes at your local third wave shop, “give me the strongest coffe you’ve got!” Most people seem to associate that strong, bitter, earthy taste of some coffees as its strenght. The earthier the stronger. The opposite is actually true. Caffeine gets lost the longer you roast coffee and the older the roasted seed sits. If you actually want a more potent caffeine punch, opt for a lighter and fresher roast. Odds are that the dark roast you order at that coffee chain has one-quarter the amount of caffeine as a regular-sized pour-over at your local third wave shop. And if you want a real caffeine blast opt for a cold brew.

2. Freezing Coffee Maintains Freshness: There are a few things that will kill a coffee’s freshness. Time (duh!), moisture, air, heat/light, and pre-grinding your coffee. The freezer will help a little with the time and a lot with the heat but it will kill add moisture which can, in turn, end up on your grinder’s burrs and eventually rust and ruin them. The moisture will also kill the flavor of the coffee. And the fridge is even worse than the freezer. The best thing to do is keep your beans whole (they start to go stale 15 minutes after they are ground) and store at room temperature in an air-tight container on you counter. Buy in small batches because even whole beans will start to lose freshness within a month.

3. Coffee Can Cure a Hangover: A lot of people have their own remedies for hangovers and I would venture to say that coffee is part of most of them. I am sorry to tell you that the only thing coffee will do for your post drunken stuper is wake you up and dehydrate you even more. Not exactly what you’d want after a night of bar-hopping.

4. Coffee is Bad For You: If you drink your sugar and cream with a little bit of coffee then, yes, what you call coffee might be bad for your health. That frappe you also consider to be coffee (some do not even have coffee in them) also will not help here. Contrary to this coffee myth, coffee is incredibly good for your health, especially if consumed black. Coffee boasts a negative calorie intake, increases metabolism, is packed with antioxidants, and is linked to good gut health as well as cutting the risk of dementia and Alzeheimer’s Disease. You want me to keep going? Okay. Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, skin cancer, and even breast cancer. Oh, and the more caffeine the better. Go to your local roaster, order a nice pour-over, and feel confident in your selection is not only delicious but healthy.

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