When I was trying to decide on what to write for my first article back I thought about a hundred ideas ranging from funny rants to countdowns. However, State-Lines is expanding and I want my articles to expand with it. My first article back is about you, the reader, and five things out of thousands that you should love about yourself. I picked this topic knowing that there are probably hundreds out there like it. But, maybe this article will resonate with someone who needs to hear the things I needed to hear at 15 or 18 or even now at almost 22.

#1) Your uniqueness. There is no one out there who is exactly like you. Not even your twin if you have one. There is no one who has that same very specific birth mark on their back that you do. Or, that laugh you have when something is fall out of your seat funny. You are unique and special in every aspect of your life down to the strands of your hair.


#2) Your talents. I’m a full believer in the fact that everyone has a gift. Whether it’s cooking or dancing or public speaking, you have something to offer the world. Think about it, where would we be without the talent of others? What would the world be like? Boring and plain. So, whip out your cookbook or ballet shoes and make this world a little bit more exciting.

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#3) Your perseverance. At one time or another we’ve all wanted to give up and walk away. However, you are here. You are reading this article. You have made it to today and this moment. Life gets hard but you keep trucking along and conquering your battles like the badass that you are.

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#4) Your body. You have this incredible collection of bones and tissues and organs and a thousand other things that compile together so that you can walk or feel another person’s touch. It’s almost inconceivable the things that your body can do. I mean, if you’re a woman, you literally can carry and nourish another human being. Your body no matter the shape/size/color/gender is amazing and something to celebrate.

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#5) Your individual beauty, inner and outer. It is everything on this list and more accumulated together. No matter the sound of your voice or how much you weigh, you are beautiful. There is no one and nothing that can dim that.

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Twenty-two. Fiancée to co-founder and fellow contributor Adam Kappel. Caffeine, comics, and comedy.

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