Andrew Smith

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What are your three favorite television dramas of all time?
Lost, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica

What are your three favorite television comedies of all time?
M.A.S.H., Community, 30 Rock

What prematurely aborted or cancelled television series (and its consequent lack of closure) has left you utterly empty inside?

What do you consider to be the most satisfying television series finale ever?

What is a favorite film that you consider to be obscure or unknown to others?
Cinema Paradiso

What is a film you have seen that you consider to be an unforgivable waste of your precious time?
The Ladykillers

What are your three favorite films of all time?
Cinema Paradiso, Rear Window, The Departed

Who are three film directors whose work you admire.
Tarantino, George Lucas, Scorsese

What are your three favorite music groups?
The Beatles, Dave Mathews Band, Dawes

Who is your favorite dead musician of any era?

What are your three desert island albums?
Beethoven Symphony #9, any album of Charles Ives music, Graceland by Paul Simon

What music group or performer would you like to punch in the face?

What are your three favorite books?
Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Sun Also Rises

What well known voice would you like to have read you to sleep each night?
Carl Kasell

Who is your favorite stand-up comic?
Marc Maron

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Who is your favorite fictional villain?
Major Frank Burns

Who is your favorite fictional hero?
Albus Dumbledore

Who are your favorite sports teams?
Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals

What fantasy sports do you play?
Fantasy Football

What are your best sports moments as a fan?
April 7th 2008 Mario Chalmers hits a game tying 3 with less than 4 seconds to send the championship game into overtime. in overtime the Jayhawks won convincingly. i will never be happier