The festival circuit has exploded over the past five years and colleges have taken notice. University shows have turned into full day events across the country. Vanderbilt, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio Univ. and many others have put together line-ups for their students and the public to exercise day long musical cravings. My friends on the Headliners Concert Committee at the Univ. of Arkansas converted their massive multi-show budget into a two-day festival.

Having friends on the committee meant a weekend trip from Mizzou to the inaugural Springtime of Youth music festival located in Fayetteville. I took this opportunity as one of the last times my friends and I could have reckless collegiate fun. In between the day partying and nightcaps of this 48-hour binder I graded each band’s performance.

Spring Time of Youth Flyer


Priory – DNP aka Incomplete

Sounds like The Naked And Famous blended with Bastille

Sadly, weather caused Priory’s flight from Portland to get canceled. It was a real bummer, and luckily our friends from the committee let those of us know at the pre-game ahead of time….. so we kept the party going. The extra partying would go onto cause the downfall of many people that night, including myself.

Misterwives – B+

Sounds like a bluesier version of Paramore

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The most pleasant surprise at the festival was Misterwives. They seemed the most excited to be there and had the duty of splitting their set due to a lightning delay. My friends on the committee that got to hang out with some of the band members had nothing but great things to say.

Lead singer, Amanda Lee Duffy, was an absolute spit fire on stage. She did the best job of fronting her band out of all of the acts at the festival. There’s a thickness in her voice found usually British singers cut from the same cloth of Amy Winehouse. Her vocal richness shined the most on the song “Vagabond.”


Sounds like late 90s Radiohead if they dropped the pretentiousness and jammed out

So…. while the lightning storm happened, my group of friends and I rolled about ten deep into a Mexican restaurant for tequila shots. There was also a trio of us that dabbled in some peppermint schnapps from the liquor store next door. I believe this is what did me in during MUTEMATH.

From what I remember, MUTEMATH had a typical (unintentional pun) great show. They are one of my favorite bands to see live. Drummer, Darren King, is magic with a minimalist set of drums and the rest of the band always has a smorgasbord of instruments on hand to produce great art rock.


Viceroy – F+ – DNP

Sounds like Girl Talk mixed with Kygo

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“Fucking DJs man”

That was my reply when my friend told me that there was a typo on the list of equipment needed for the festival that was approved by Viceroy’s camp. The committee provided everything included on the approved list but the error made it past everybody and the performance was unfortunately canceled.

Viceroy is trying to possibly come back and play a fall show in Fayetteville.


Wet – C+

Sounds like a minimalist version of Chvrches

Wet is your stereotypical hipster band, and that’s not a bad thing (I love indie/hipster culture). However, it does make them predictable. I guessed this band was from Brooklyn based off their single “Don’t Want To Be Your Girl”. The post-post-modern indie R’B article one could find on a website like Pitchfork writes itself.

The live experience of Wet is sweet and melodic. Their only drawback is a stationary stage presence. I wanted more fun. From a technical standpoint they are great, but as a band they seem to still be figuring out their relationship with the audience.

Moon Taxi – A+

Sounds like if Portugal, The Man was from the south

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


Moon Taxi stole the festival.

This was my second Moon Taxi show and I was thoroughly impressed. They blend southern jam banding with indie rock sensibilities. Everybody I was with at the show wanted them to keep going for another hour. They won over a crowd filled with people mainly there for Wiz Khalifia.

The band’s third time around performing the chorus of “Change” had the festival sold. Moon Taxi was having fun and conveying their excitement through their music. Frontman, Trevor Terndrup joked about playing before everybody’s favorite stoner rapper and even helped set up his own gear. Moon Taxi checked all the boxes for a great musical exchange.

Wiz Khalifia – B

Sounds like an east coast version of Snoop Dogg

Wiz busted onto the stage sporting an all-black onesie and blonde dread locks. It was everything I wanted and then some.

He mostly stuck to tracks off his most recent album, Blacc Hollywood. Which happens to be my least favorite. I wanted some more songs off Rolling Papers and his various mixtapes. Even when he was not playing my preferred songs he was a consummate song and dance man.

A Wiz Khalifia show is something very representative of my generation’s ability to “turn up”. His catalog soundtracked almost all of my high school and college parties. People were there to live out the music that complements their indulgence of vices.

Speaking of indulgence, Wiz did not smoke his customary on-stage blunts due to a clause in his contract that voided his substantial payment if he did. He is not currently touring so he played it smart and received his compensation for the one off performance.

Money over everything.



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