The Avengers Get Full House Style Opening Credits

“Cut. It. Out.” – Thor, probably.

Make a mental list of what you want most in your life. Now cross one of those things off of that list, because it’s actually here! YouTube user Zach Ace has put together a mashup video of the Avengers in the style of the Full House opening credits. That’s right, here we have the whole gang getting their own 90s sitcom montage, complete with sepia tone wholesome family goodness. Even our newest Avenger, Spider-Man, makes the cut. Plus, it looks like Captain America and Iron Man can get along, regardless of what Civil War showed us. Watch the video below:

What a time to be alive, right? I guess it’s a good thing Avengers Tower is bigger than the Tanner home.¬†What do you think of this fun little nerdy Internet nugget? And most importantly, which Avengers would you cast as which Full House characters? (There is at least one Olsen sister in each, after all). Let us know in the comments!

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