I’m Wrymer – my favorite aesthetic
Is making the world more poetic
I hope to be heard
By those who love words
(Though others may say I’m pathetic)

Here’s one for October;
Don’t read it if sober:


Though their wedding was white, anniversaries are gray
Yet soon black and blue will impregnate the day
By her schemes he picks carpet, but really wants wood
(He’d never set foot in that shag if he could)
There’s no doubts in her dense skull tonight will result
In wedlocked events with consenting adults
One plus one summing three – all she needs! As for him…
She’ll straighten him out till he’s singing her hymns
Getting headaches, his beard goggles, drunken and slurred
Whoever said happiness comes with the girl?
While she’s in the next room, under bearskins he hides
The kisses he craves she can never provide
Bugs are smothered in rugs but their hugs are still sharp
The shrew had best duck what goes bump in the dark
New positions he’s ready to try on his wife
And leaves sixty-nine bruises – minus her life
Taxidermist by trade, he retires from that line
But first steals supplies of glass eyes and stiff spines
Centerpieces can shift the decor of “sweet home”
He’s proud, though, of his bare-skinned rug from that crone!



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Jordan Bates

I'm what killed the dinosaurs.

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