Why Batman is the Best Superhero Ever (Not Wolverine) and Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Daniel Cura.

You read the title. You know what this is about. It’s simply the truth of why Batman is the best super hero that’s ever existed.

Yes, I know he doesn’t actually exist in real life…that we know of.

Now, my good friend, Daniel Cura, is going to try to convince you that Wolverine is the best super hero and that he’s better than Batman.

I know! Crazy right?! The absurdity. I laughed heartily at that also.

Everyone knows Batman is better but Daniel just won’t listen. He’s stubborn like that.


Now, before you get your undies in a wad, yes, we know Batman and Wolverine exist in different comic universes. Save yourself the time and embarrassment of actually writing a dissertation about how they would never meet and the comparison is irrelevant, blah, blah, blah.

The reason we’ve chosen to address and compare these two characters is because we both love Batman and Wolverine. Since childhood I’ve been a fan of both, along with many other characters for different reasons.

However, Batman has always been number one in my heart and here’s why he should be in yours…



Some argue that because he has no super powers he’s not legitimately a “super” hero. Don’t be so daft. No super powers is what makes him a real badass, and more badass than Wolverine.

He’s like you and me, plus several billion dollars. He fears, he hurts, he breaks, he triumphs, he knows defeat, he’s vulnerable, he’s insane, he rages, he’s mortal, he becomes what the people need when they need it…

…he shows us we can be better than we are.

He’s the Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The greatest detective. He’s brought down monsters, super villains and aliens alike.

He’s even taken down Superman. Yea, you read that right. It happened.

He fights evil on all fronts, meeting it head-on in whatever form it comes, and does it with wits, cunning, gadgets and hard work.

The only human to stand alongside god’s like Superman & Wonder Woman in the Justice League without any super powers.

He doesn’t kill (his one rule), which some would say is his weakness. I say it makes him even more badass because he believes good always wins in the hearts of people and if you disagree he’ll just beat you mercilessly until you do agree.

Fact is, it’s easy to be badass when you have a super power. It basically comes with the territory. Wolverine has no choice. The dude heals from anything & everything for crying out loud. He’s got it easy.

Super hero with no super powers = more badass than the other guy.



Let’s face it, Batman has the best gadgets, super hero lair and vehicles.

The Batmobile, Batboat, Batcopter, Batwing, Batcycle, bottomless tool belt with any and all necessary tools (including shark repellent Bat spray)…need I keep going?

What super hero can top the Batcave? The Fortress of Solitude is just stupid compared to it. And what does Wolverine have? He’s basically a hobo living off a rich disabled person.

Wolverine has cigars, some crazy metal flowing through his body and heals real fast. That’s awesome and all, but Batman has, basically, everything else in the world.

He’s a billionaire with ridiculous amounts of resources and genius at his disposal so he creates or buys whatever he needs or wants to defeat his enemies.

You just can’t compete with that. Even if you can come back to life.





Need I say more?



Face it. Batman is just straight up more liked by the world at large.

The Bat symbol is recognized everywhere.

He’s rated 2nd Greatest Comic Book Character of all time behind Superman (which is just ridiculous and misguided, by the way).

IGN Top Rated

Empire Top Rated

Wolverine’s at number 4. Spiderman even beat him out. And who cares what number anyone else is.



The Joker is an incomparable super villain. This may be an article for another time (actually written by Mike Doles), but the Joker just can’t be matched in his demented, psychotic, insane brutality and mental terror.

To make no argument of nemeses like Two-Face, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Bane etc.

Batman has to deal with all sorts of crazy and handles it like a boss.



And the strongest, number 1 reason of all that Batman is the best is simply two words. Words that end all arguments and truly strike terror. The “Trump Card” of super hero arguments.

Adam West.


When a character has been portrayed by Adam West there’s just no argument that any other character is better.


Batman has survived the loss of his parents, the worst of physical beatings, loss of partners and friends, fights with Superman, constant battling with the Joker, unimaginable aliens & monsters, and portrayal by George Clooney.

Surviving the terrible portrayal of George Clooney is enough the make Batman the best ever, but there’s so much more.

It’s just a fact that Batman will always be king of the hill when it comes to super heroes. I shouldn’t even have to make this argument, especially against Wolverine.

And, if you disagree, just like Batman, I’ll beat you mercilessly until you agree.

I’m looking at you Daniel Cura.