Almost the entire BCS Bowl picture has changed since the debut of BCMess. Alabama was stunned by Auburn in the most watched missed field goal highlight ever. Oregon lost again. Baylor was dominated in Stillwater, Oklahoma (I correctly called) and Northern Illinois has surged to what is looking like back-to-back BCS Bowl appearances. Here’s a guide to what the BCS picture should like post championship weekend.


BIG-10/PAC-12 – Rose Bowl

BIG 12- Fiesta Bowl

SEC- Sugar Bowl

ACC- Orange Bowl


-The top two teams in the BCS Rankings play for the National Championship

– Conference champions of the AAC, ACC, BIG-10, BIG 12, PAC-12, and SEC will have automatic berths in to one of the BCS bowl games

-A conference is limited to two teams in BCS bowl games

-An automatic qualifying conference team must have at least 9 wins and have finished in the top 14 to get an At- Large bid

– An non-automatic qualifying conference team must finish in the Top-12 or Top-16 and ahead of at least one automatic qualifying conference champion

The BCS Bowl Games’ Picking Order for 2014

1. Orange Bowl

2. Sugar Bowl

3. Fiesta Bowl

* Rose Bowl has two conference champions tied into its bowl game

Rose Bowl 

Stanford (PAC-12 CHAMPION) 11-2 vs. Michigan State (BIG-10 At-Large) 11-2

Stanford was gifted a shot back into the PAC-12 Championship game thanks to a surprising 3rd Oregon loss. Stanford should roll in its conference championship game over Arizona State (a team they beat 42-28 on Sept 21). Their physical ground and pound attack will try and chip away at a stingy Michigan State defense.

No matter the result of the BIG-10 Championship Game Michigan State will find itself in the Rose Bowl. They have played under the radar all year behind their dominate defense. The Spartans play strong and gap sound, while only giving up 11.8 points a game.

Orange Bowl 

Alabama (SEC At-Large) 12-1 vs. Clemson (ACC At-Large) 10-2

Alabama may have finally played in the real “Game of the Century”  and the bad thing is they lost. If this was next year and we had the playoff they would be fine. Unfortunately, they lost one year short and find themselves in a consolation game. This game could get ugly. Quick. The last thing I’d want is to do is play pissed off Alabama.

Clemson is not a BCS quality team and a one loss Baylor is more deserving of a shot in the Orange Bowl. But the ACC will flex its’ tie-in muscle. The Tigers lost both their toughest games by double digits (Florida State and South Carolina). They are a product of a weak ACC and this game might be over by the 2nd quarter (much like their game against Florida State).

Sugar Bowl 

Missouri (SEC Champion) 12-1 vs. Central Florida (AAC Champion) 11-1

Mizzou matches up pretty well against Auburn and should win the SEC Championship game. It’s a game that will be based on speed vs speed. Mizzou’s defensive speed may just be better then Auburn’s offense. Mizzou currently has around five pros starting on defense and have truly made the transformation from a BIG-12 to an SEC team. A Florida State or Ohio State loss would give them a shot to defend the SEC’s title streak.

Mizzou DE Michael Sam has played his way from possible draft pick to projected 2nd rounder

Mizzou DE Michael Sam has played his way from possible draft pick to projected 2nd rounder

UCF has had a strong and surprising season. They knocked off their only tough conference foe in Louisville and gave South Carolina a game at home. UCF will look to avenge a loss to Mizzou they had last year.

 Fiesta Bowl 

Oklahoma State (BIG-12 Champion) 11-1 vs. Northern Illinois (MAC Champion/At-Large) 13-0

The Cowboys of Oklahoma State dismantled Baylor’s offense. It was a feat unthinkable from a Big-12 defense. Head Coach Mike Gundy’s team has shifted offensive philosophy to a more ground based attack. It’s a definite change of pace from the arial attack that has featured NFL WRs Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon in seasons past.

QB Jordan Lynch takes Northern Illinois’ “MACtion” to the desert of Arizona. The Huskies will get their second shot in a row to pull a BCS upset and the nation will get their first prime time look at projected Heisman runner-up Lynch’s talents.

Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch is Tim Tebow with a better arm

Northern Illinois QB Jordan Lynch is Tim Tebow with a better arm

BCS National Championship Game 

Florida State (ACC Champion) 13-0 vs. Ohio State (BIG-10 Champion) 13-0

Projected Heisman winner QB Jameis Winston can put the investigation behind him and focus on bringing a National Championship to Tallahassee. Florida State has run through its schedule and everything should stay par for the course in their conference championship game against 10-2 Duke.

The SEC-less championship is almost upon us. Ohio State’s projected win over a Top-10 Michigan State team will be enough to keep themselves ahead of a one loss SEC team. It would take a muddy and slim margin of victory over Michigan State and a blow out in the SEC Championship game to get most voters to make the switch favoring the juggernaut of a conference down south.

HOF’s Possible Chaos To Come On Saturday

If Florida State or Ohio State lose then the Auburn/Missouri winner is going to the National Championship game. But what if they both lose? If they both lose we are looking an all SEC Championship game featuring the Auburn/Missouri winner vs…… Alabama. Yes, Alabama is still alive for the National Championship game. The trickle down would also send Florida State and Ohio State into the At-Large pool. This scenario gives the Orange Bowl tough issues on who to pick to face ACC champion Duke.





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