Want to grab a beer?

As a guy, one of the best ways to get to know someone is to sit down and have a beer with them. As the brew flows, the friendship grows. I look back on my experiences and it’s clear to me I jumped the ‘acquaintance’ and ‘buddy’ hurdles with my good friends after we spent a night putting back a few, telling stories, and laughing until it hurt.

Although I know I will most likely never meet any of these people, here’s a list – in no particular order – of celebrities with whom I’d like to sit and sip (or chug) one day.

Jared Leto
The Oscar Award winning actor and lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars is simply – IMHO – the epitomy of cool. He completely immerses himself in his film roles, and he’s equally excellent with his music. Leto does this while maintaining what appears to be, via his social media accounts, a very down to earth personality. If you’re not familiar with his music, check out the video to the song The Kill in which Leto’s Hollywood experience is clearly visible in the production. Sidenote: My favorite movie with Jared Leto is Lord of War

Jared Leto

Mark Wahlberg
Another actor and singer (remember Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch?), Wahlberg is now best know for his work on the silver screen. With a talent that spans genres, Wahlberg can easily play action hero and funny man alike. And similar to Leto, Wahlberg also appears to be an every day guy, living life to the fullest but not being a jerk about it. I imagine Wahlberg would be chock full of stories and the type to dominate the conversation at the bar. Sidenote: I’d still have a beer with Wahlberg even though he’s a die-hard Patriots fan

Mark Wahlberg

Mitch Albom
My writing hero, Albom is a sports writer for the Detroit Free Press. More importantly, he is the award-winning author of books Tuesdays With MorrieThe Five People You Meet in Heaven, and many more. Albom’s work is smart, funny, sincere, and completely captivating. In addition to his brilliance as a writer, Albom is very involved with and generously gives back to his communitySidenote: The Five People You Meet in Heaven changed my life


Joss Whedon
Who wouldn’t want to have a beer with the screenwriter of mega-movies Toy Story and The Avengers, and creator of beloved TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly? Whedon is a writing genius, and his work is foundational bedrock in today’s world of pop-culture and entertainment. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who is not familair with his work in some shape, way, or form. Sidenote: Whedon’s movie Serenity is perhaps my favorite science fiction movie of all time.*


Dwayne Johnson
Seriously, having a pint with The Rock would be amazing, and not just because he played football at The U. Another cross-genre star, Johnson has become a powerhouse actor in Hollywood hits ranging from action in the Fast and Furious series to comedies and kid adventure movies. He also headlines his own TV series Ballers on HBO. From football to acting to wrestling (which I know is redundant), I would think his stories would be endless. Sidenote: Johnson’s performance on the show Lip Sync Battle is a must see!

Dwayne Johnson

Elon Musk
The first non-entertainer on the list, Elon Musk is a magnate that is not only transforming the way we do business in the 21st century, he’s transforming the way we live as well. With his “vision to change the world and humanity,” Musk is founder and CEO of Space-X, CEO of Tesla Motors, and co-founder of PayPal and SolarCity. What all these companies have in common is that they’re transforming how we do life, either now or in the near future. To pick Musk’s brain over several beers would simply be fascinating. Sidenote: I hope to one day experience Insane Mode


Kevin Smith
I’m not certain if writer, director, and actor Kevin Smith would break away from his joint long enough to actually drink a beer, but it would interesting to try. What I love about Smith is that he seems to be one of the guys with whom you grew up that just happened to make it in Hollywood. His movies – like Clerks and Dogma – are funny and smart, and he’s such an amazing storyteller. Having seen him live last year in Tampa, Smith took two hours to answer just four questions. If you want to get a feel for the type of hyper-speaking, kick-ass personality he is, check out his recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Sidenote: In the late 90’s, Kevin Smith had been commissioned to write the script for a new Superman movie

Kevin Smith

Barack Obama
Love him or hate him, like him or despise him; there’s no arguing having a beer with the 44th President of the Unites States has got to be an amazing experience. Simply the depth of subject matter is staggering. From being the first African American President to presiding during the era of digital explosion – an era that brought with it Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and cyber-terrorism – listening to President Obama speak would be mesmerizing. I also think Obama is the most culturally aware President we’ve ever had, with a breath of knowledge across almost all subject matter.

On a more personal level, Obama is the only President to which I have one degree of separation. You see, an acquaintance of mine attended law school at the University of Chicago, and Obama was one of his professors there. I happened to be with him on inauguration day in 2009, and it was really cool to see him experience that moment in history. In turn, I think it would be really cool to share that story with the President over a couple of pints.

That’s the list. Perhaps I’ll pop open a cold one and think of a new list (especially since there are no women on this one).

"What do you think of my list, Mr. President?"

“What do you think of my list, Mr. President?”



*I consider the Star Wars movies as being fantasy (occurring a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) and not science fiction. I know I’m splitting hairs, but there you have it.