The Sweet 16 is always an interesting spot in the tournament. Usually at this point the clock strikes midnight on Cinderellas and we see the teams that really have the guts to go the distance. This is true for out Best Characters of Golden Age TV bracket. We are down to some of the all-time greats. Some characters  like Michael Scott brought us countless laughs and others like Walter White make us hate ourselves for pulling for them. It’s the best of the best as we proceed to the Elite 8.

Winner of M.A.S.H Region vs Winner of Law & Order Region

Winner of Twin Peaks Region vs. Winner of Seinfeld Region

Sweet 16 

M.A.S.H Region

1. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) Over 5. Rachel Green (Friends)

3. John Locke (Lost) Over 2. Dr. House (House)

  • This was one of the closest battles. Lost‘s anti-hero who became “the man in black” topped the know-it-all doctor based on Sherlock Holmes by two votes.  

Law & Order Region

1. Jack Bauer (24) over 13. Gus Fringe (Breaking Bad)

  • Finally, Gus is taken down by 24‘s resident badass. This was a close match up but Jack Bauer managed to pull through by a couple votes. The run made by Fringe was deep and shows the strength of Breaking Bad as a whole.  

2. Michael Scott (The Office) over 3. Omar Little (The Wire)

  • The Office was never the same after Steve Carrell left. Michael Scott’s run in the tournament proves the devotion people feel to the boss we secretly wish we had.  

Twin Peaks Region

1. Walter White (Breaking Bad) over 5. Coach Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

2. Dexter Morgan (Dexter) over 14. Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

  • Finally, Rick Grimes inflated run ends. Who better to take him down then everybody’s favorite serial killer.   

Seinfeld Region

1. Don Draper (Mad Men) over 12. Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

11. Michael Bluth (Arrested Development) over 7. Dwight Scrute (The Office)

  • The battle of funny men was a hard fought one. Bluth slips past Scrute and by far is the lowest seed left in the tournament.   

Elite 8

M.A.S.H Region

1. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) vs. 3. John Locke (Lost)

Law & Order Region

1. Jack Bauer (24) vs. 2. Michael Scott (The Office)

Twin Peaks Region

1. Walter White (Breaking Bad) vs. 2. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Seinfeld Region

1. Don Draper (Mad Men) vs. 11. Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)



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