Barry Pepper.

You know him.

You love him.

You just don’t know that you do.

Barry Pepper has that unique ability to be in some great films, with some great roles, and totally fly under the radar of popularity.

Think about it. You don’t hear anything about him. He’s never in tabloids or any news for that matter. However, when he shows up in a movie or TV show you’re watching, you know it, and you’re thankful for it, because he just made it better. It’s just magic that Hollywood should tap into more often.

As Jarrett Haas would say, “That Guy Should Be In More Stuff.”

Take a look at a short list of Barry’s on-screen achievements:

– The Lone Ranger (coming soon)


Let’s pause for a moment and celebrate the fact that this is happening. Honestly, why has it even taken this long for The Lone Ranger to be made into a movie? My guess is that the powers that be recognized Barry Pepper was a must and waited for the right time for Barry. I mean, timing is everything. You might think they were making it work for Johnny Depp, but let’s be honest, without Barry Pepper this movie would just be Pirates of the Caribbean 19….or 12…wait! 7!…or, 5? What number are they trying to choke money out of now?

Anyway, I’m sure this movie is going to be another blockbuster bringing more of my childhood to life.

Mostly due to the Pepper, of course.

Now, back to the list of cinematic splendor:

– Saving Private Ryan


– The Green Mile

– True Grit


– We Were Soldiers


– The Kennedy’s

– 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story

– Battlefield Earth


Ok, so I don’t know about those last two, but I’d give a go at a solid argument for Battlefield Earth. It’s Barry Pepper battling it out with John Travolta in a movie based on a Scientology novel. Come on! How is that not a great movie?!

I first took note of Barry in Saving Private Ryan, which was a great role, but I wasn’t truly sold on him until Battlefield Earth.

Seriously. This film has a 2% rating on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer. Every movie critic known to man had nothing good to say about it…which is really saying something since they usually find some positivity to offer, if for no other reason than to screw with the people reading their opinions.

Roger Ebert ripped it to shreds (READ IT ALL HERE) and says it all by stating that Battlefield Earth is, “…a film that for decades to come will forever be the punch line of jokes about bad movies.” 

The ONLY saving grace to this cataclysmic disaster of a movie (Sorry, Scientologists. Maybe if L. Ron himself had been alive to make it there would be a saving grace number 2) is The Pepper.

This role is arguably his best performance to date. The shear fact that he was offered any non-straight-to-VHS movie role after that is proof enough.

He has what I call, “The John Goodman Factor.” Everything’s better when he’s involved because he just brings awesome to the table.

And, it’s not just movies that he makes better.

I submit to you that if you’re having bad day, relationship problems, stressed over a life decision, looking for purpose in life, depressed, or just plain apathetic in general, you put on a Barry Pepper movie and things will start looking up.

He makes life better. He even makes your food taste better.

Try me.

Everything’s better with Pepper…

Barry Pepper.



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Jason Sowell

Jason is a man (really), non-profit entrepreneur, missionary/pastor, musician, part-time barista, and a pro surfer in another life.

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