Boldly Going: Creative, Brilliant, Inspirational People of the Universe on Planet Earth


Episode 1

If you’re anything like me, you crave inspiration.

There is something within us that begs for heroes to rise amongst the ordinary to show us that we can all be better people. It’s why we love the underdog, why we passionately tell the incredible story and why we flock to the superhero genre.

We need the creative, brilliant, inspirational people of the universe living on Planet Earth to do what they do, to drive us to do what we can do.

The reality is that we are all creative, brilliant and inspirational in our own way. The difference is many of us never “boldly go” and show it.

I, like you, need inspiration to encourage me to be better. I am continually in awe of people all over the world who accomplish great things and prove the critics wrong.

That’s what this series is about – sharing with you the stories of people (entertainers, athletes, business leaders, writers, musicians and more) that inspire me because they have stepped out to boldly pursue their dreams.

Today, I give you 3 of these people that have recently inspired me.



He’s the Ryan Seacrest of the nerd-o-sphere. Chris is taking over the world one nerd-filled TV show, podcast, tweet, YouTube video, magazine article and comic-con at a time.

Handsome, charismatic & stylish (which, grant it, is his oxymoron to the nerd stereotype), brilliant, funny, and leading the charge to awaken the inner nerd within, basically, everybody.

Even the “cool kids” like him better than Seacrest.

Entrepreneur Magazine featured Chris on “The Nerdist’s Media Empire for the Internet Age”.





What can I say, Branson is basically the uptight corporate business worlds rebellious rock star. He doesn’t really care what the business models are or what some would advise is or isn’t “a smart business move.” He follows his gut and errs on the side of risk-taking to create and innovate, and has the most fun doing it.

How could you not like this guy?

Here’s Entrepreneur Magazine with a fantastic story on “Richard Branson Building an Empire”.





Is there anything he can’t do? So far, the answer is no.

His latest project, “Much Ado About Nothing” brought me to this conclusion.


Not only did he write, direct and produce it but he also did the all original music soundtrack!



Straight up baller status, that’s what. Go see this movie and listen to the soundtrack immediately.


My hope is that these stories inspire you today and move you to action…

…To BOLDLY GO and be a creative, brilliant, inspirational person of the universe on Planet Earth.

About Jason Sowell

Jason is a Florida native, non-profit entrepreneur, speaker, writer, missionary, wedding officiant, musician, and a pro surfer in another life.