“Bound 2”, on Kanye West’s newest album Yeezus, is a late night conversation with a high school friend. The two of you have changed. The things in common decrease. Your lives become less and less intertwined. You think, “How are we even friends anymore?”

You sit at the kitchen table with bloodshot eyes. Neither of you talk. Then they make a joke. One dug out of 30 miles of memories.  You both laugh. Then go silent. One of you snorts. You laugh again. Harder. You realize this person gets you.  No matter how different the two of you become, you’ll always be friends. That is “Bound 2”.

The Kanye found in College Dropout to the one in Yeezus come from different planets. The old soul samples. The tongue in cheek lyrics. The bleeding heart earnestness. New Kanye picked up a far flung signal through space from Old Kanye. West’s progress is a good thing, especially in the often inert genre. Though it is nice for him to sit at the table and tell an old joke.

Give it a listen.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHJmvPVRQbk]



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