Sunday night marks the beginning of the end of one of television’s best shows of all time. Breaking Bad comes back to for one final run of eight episodes. Viewers were left off with Hank finding the first clue that Walter is the infamous Heisenberg. It was the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers.

Speculation flooded the internet of how this story was all going to end. After watching it week to week I let it sink in. Then I binged watched part one of Breaking Bad’s final season again via Netflix and have now formulated my theory.



Jesse Pinkman is going to kill Walter White.

Breaking Bad has a habit of not wasting details. It splices in little nuggets of information that they bring back later. One of these instances is when Walter goes into his lovably sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman’s office to talk about something. Saul thinks shit has hit the fan and starts to prep Walter on a plan incase things get bad and Walter has to get away. Saul is very clear to Walt that once you do this…. there is no going back. No contact with former friends or family is allowed.

The start of season five is Walter in a flashforward on his birthday with hair, a New Hampshire I.D., and loading up on guns. The season later covers his current birthday which lets the audience know the flashforward is only less than a year in the future. What did he comeback for? He had some unfinished business to take care of. What that business is; is still a mystery to viewers.

I believe that the business is ridding himself of the Aryan Brotherhood mafia he is now in bed with and tying up Hank’s trail of pursuit. I do not believe it is about preserving the running of his meth operation. Skylar asked Walt to get out of the drug business after showing him the pile of money that filled a storage unit. He made his fortune and I really think he is done cooking meth. I do not think that makes the Brotherhood happy.

The post-Gus meth operation ran through the pest removal business that is connected with the Brotherhood. Walter also replaced Jesse with Todd, the nephew of the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood. Walter halting production of a multi-million dollar operation will not go over very well. They will demand he keep cooking. I also think they will be able to track Walt down after he flees New Mexico. They were able to pull off the murder of all of Mike’s guys in a span of a couple of minutes across three prisons. These dudes can pretty much do anything.

While all of this is going on, Hank will be pursuing Walter after his on-the-pot discovery. Hank will play it calm until launching a secret investigation of Walter. He will bring the trouble to Walter’s door. Hank will be “the one who knocks”. He will get close enough to Walter and the Aryan Brotherhood will sweat Walt enough for the panic button to be pressed.  The resulting action is to head for New Hampshire.

The Brotherhood will track him down and if they can’t kill him they are in position to tip Hank off. Walter having already broken bad and possessing a huge ego will have no problem returning. He’ll try to take out those who could take him down if pushed far enough. At that point he will call on the Robin to his Batman, Jesse Pinkman.

Jesse has a real sense of morality in comparison to Walter. He was inconsolable when he thought he poisoned his girlfriend’s son. His look he had when killing Gale Boetticher to save his and Walter’s life most likely won Aaron Paul one of his Emmys. Jesse left the business over an unwarranted death of a child. He will help Walt take out Todd and the rest of the Aryan Brotherhood. That will eliminate that threat but it’s not their only one.

Hank will still be circling in on Walter and close to cracking open his case. But, in fear of busting up his family, will still keep his intentions secret until the time is right. Jesse seeing the writing on the wall will kill Walter before Hank gets a shot to take him down. Thus, preserving the thought in his kids’ and public’s mind that he was a good man. The show will then reference Walter telling Jesse about what would have been the perfect time to die from the bottle episode entitled “Fly” from season three.


Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s summer T.V preview featuring a Hamlet theme.

Hank will never go public with what he knows but knows deep down he compromised his morals to figure out who Walter was. Skylar and Jesse compromised themselves earlier in the series for Walter. They along with Walter will have all broken bad in some way.

On the surface Walter will have gotten away with his meth operation. Which, will be something we don’t usually see in television. In the end, Breaking Bad will be up there with the great Greek and Shakespearean tragedies. It’s not just a coincidence Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul did Entertainment Weekly’s cover in a Hamlet theme. This is a true tragedy. Nobody will really win besides the audience.