It’s way, way too early to do this.  But who cares.

Everything we know about Star Wars Episode VII can be written in approximately 3 sentences.  From wikipedia: “Episode VII began pre-production in 2012, will go in to production in early 2014 and is scheduled for release in mid 2015.  It will be directed by J.J. Abrams with George Lucas as creative consultant and cast members Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill form the original trilogy are expected to star in the upcoming feature.”

And that’s about it.  But just a few days ago, some news broke that is pretty exciting.  We have our first possible roles to cast!  Multiple sites have reported a casting breakdown that is being sent out to casting services.  There’s not much to go on here, but hey, it’s The Wars.  So, let’s see who we can come up with.  Here are the roles.

[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Not classically handsome. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.
[MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.
[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, independent and with a great sense of humor.
[YOUNG WOMAN #2] Late teens. Tough, smart, physically fit.
[MAN – 40S] Physically fit, military type.
[MAN – 30ISH] An intellectual.
[MAN – 65-75] Tough and opinionated.

Star Wars is a movie series of epic proportions.  And these new films are certainly no exception.  With a star director and a budget that will probably be somewhere in the kabillion dollar range, plus countless fans and fanboys waiting on every small piece of news, there is no denying the scale of The Wars.  But it wasn’t always that way.  Creator George Lucas first few drafts of the film were rejected and went through countless rewrites before ever being given the green light.  In kind, the cast was not much to write home about.  None of the main players were famous at all.***


LUKE SKYWALKER – Mark Hamill made his film debut in the original “Star Wars” trilogy as Luke Skywalker.  Before this film, he basically did nothing and only received a chance to audition because of his friend Robert Englund.

HAN SOLO – Harrison Ford’s casting as Hans Solo is now part of film lore: Initially hired by Lucas to read lines for actors auditioning for “Star Wars,” Ford so impressed the director that Lucas cast him as Han Solo. His first lead film role, which he reprised in the “Star Wars” sequels, “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” made him a superstar. His leading man status was solidified when he starred as Indiana Jones.

OBI-WAN KENOBI – A new generation of filmgoers was introduced to legendary actor Alec Guinness when he starred as the supremely wise Jedi knight, Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi. The role earned him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor in 1977. Guinness had earlier won an Academy Award for best actor in 1957 for “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” He died in 2000 at the age of 86.

PRINCESS LEIA – The daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher had been in one film before Star Wars.


As you can see, there was not a lot to be excited about when it comes to the cast.  The most established actor was Alec Guinness, and he was thought of as past his prime (or at least out of the public eye).  But what you did have was an exciting young mind in George Lucas, with a great vision, and a young cast and crew eager to do something different and amazing.  I hope that when the new movies come out, J.J. Abrams looks to the past for inspiration.  I hope that he looks for really good actors, and not just pretty faces.  So, here are my “far too soon” picks for the above mentioned roles.  Hopefully you have heard of some of these guys as I feel they are all “up and comers.”

YOUNG MAN – Dane Dehaan

The Young Man should be “Early 20s. Not classically handsome. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.”  Dane Dehaan has been getting some great reviews for everything he has done recently, including the dark turn as a superhero in “Chronicle”.  In it, and his other movies, he has shown the ability to portray emotional depth that Hayden Christensen and Mark Hamill never had.

MAN – Ben Foster

I have a man crush on Ben Foster.  I like him in everything he does.  He may be a bit too boyish looking for this role, but I say give him a beard.

YOUNG WOMAN – Hailee Steinfeld

The Young Woman should be “Late teens. Physically fit, independent and with a great sense of humor.”  Of course everyone will say Chloe Grace Moretz, but I’m going a different route.  I say Hailee Steinfeld.  She was simply awesome in True Grit and I think she would crush this.

YOUNG WOMAN #2 – Zoe Kravitz

Young Woman #2 should be “Late teens. Tough, smart, physically fit.”  Zoe can play tough, as we’ve seen in a lot of her roles, including X-men.  Plus, she’s a daughter of a singer, like Carrie Fisher.

MAN – 40ISH – Walton Goggins

Man 40ish should be “Physically fit, military type.”  Walton Goggins has been in a ton, but he’s always a “that guy.”  Everything he’s in, he’s awesome, and I’d love to see him act all military-like.  We’d just have to make sure his hair wasn;t too crazy.

MAN – 30ISH – Ben Whishaw

Man – 30ish should be “An intellectual.”  Who better than Q from the latest Bond flick?

MAN – 65-75 – Edward James Olmos

Man 65-75 is “Tough and opinionated.”  Woo is tougher than Edward James Olmos fresh off a run on Dexter?


And so there you have it!  My “way too soon” cast breakdown.  Are you excited yet?


*** Much of the original casting information came from this site.