Corey Easterday

What are your three favorite television dramas of all time?
The Walking Dead, Dexter, Lost  (Breaking Bad & Prison Break were honorable mentions)

What are your three favorite television comedies of all time?
The Office, The Simpsons, Big Bang Theory

What prematurely aborted or cancelled television series (and its consequent lack of closure) has left you utterly empty inside? 
It’s a tie between John Doe & The Event

What do you consider to be the most satisfying television series finale ever? 
Lost. I straight up cried the day I watched it.

What is a favorite film that you consider to be obscure or unknown to others?
The Departed

What is a film you have seen that you consider to be an unforgivable waste of your precious time?
Babe. That was the most agonizing 2 hours of my childhood.

What are your three favorite films of all time?
The Dark Knight, Anchorman, Seven Pounds

Who are three film directors whose work you admire?
Martin Scorsese, Sam Raimi, Steven Speilberg

What are your three favorite music groups?
The Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews Band, The Avett Brothers

Who is your favorite dead musician of any era?
John Coltrane

What are your three desert island albums?
“I & Love & You” by The Avett Brothers,  “Vice Verses” by Switchfoot,  “LASERS” by Lupe Fiasco

What music group or performer would you like to punch in the face?
I suppose the obvious answer would be Justin Beiber, yet I don’t find him nearly as annoying as Frank Ocean.

What are your three favorite books?
“Waking the Dead” By John Eldridge, “Abba’s Child” by Brennan Manning, “The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri Nouwen

What well known voice would you like to have read you to sleep each night?
Morgan Freeman of course.

Who is your favorite stand-up comic?
The late, great Mitch Hedberg

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
My dude Goofy.

Who is your favorite fictional villain?
The Joker. You never know what that guy’s gonna do. No rhyme or rhythm to his madness. Love it.

Who is your favorite fictional hero?
Batman, because he shows us that as long as you have billions of dollars, the right training, and a tragic past, anyone can be a superhero!

Who are your favorite sports teams?
The Cleveland Cavs, The Philadelphia 76ers, The Cleveland Browns, The Tennessee Titans, The Cleveland Indians (As a Cleveland sports fan I’m a firm believer you have to have backup favorite teams.)

What fantasy sports do you play?

What are your best sports moments as a fan?
Well this one time I almost dunked….. Just kidding. It has to be the thrill watching Michael Jordan hit amazing last second shots, the absolute domination of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers, the heartbreak of Kevin Dyson on the 1 yard line in 2000 when the Titans lost the Superbowl, and the resurgence of the Cavs when Lebron was still in town.