America has many different forms of elitism. There is intellectual elitism such as that practiced at many of America’s prestigious colleges and the upper class social circles in cities like Chicago. There is class elitism practiced in the country clubs. Think Mitt Romney and company at the “47 percent” comment lunch in. There are technology elitists with their latest iphones and tablets, New York style cultural elitist, fashion elitists, etc, etc.

My personal favorite is sports elitism. It is probably the largest set of elitists in America and it not only pervades all other subsets but also renders many of them irrelevant. It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you can’t hold a decent sports conversation. Put any group of American men in a room to talk sports and immediately a sports knowledge hierarchy will begin to take shape. It is key to understand where you stand in this hierarchy or you will be exposed. Ignorance is either met with extreme passion, or even worse, silence.

It is my opinion that the media and public backlash against Tebow is the result of sports’ elites. Elitists don’t like having their domain encroached upon by those they don’t find worthy. Remember the lack of respect Bushwood Country Club gave Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack? Or how about the backlash from the techno hipsters when they found out Facebook bought Instigram?

Tebow brings with him an unfootball intelligent fan base, or all-round unintelligent if we are talking about Florida fans. LOL… I kid I kid. It’s the same reason I hate that my wife is a huge Dwight Howard fan, because he has a pretty smile. It does not matter to her that he is the worst-best-center in the league of all time, and that kills me – as it should any man.

Danica Patrick is now dealing with similar scrutiny to that of Tebow. Never mind that she is bringing tons of publicity to their sport. Michael Waltrip was quoted as saying Danica’s car deserved more credit for her qualifying for the pole. I’m sure he’s right, but I don’t recall a driver ever having to point that out.

Granted, the Tebow analogy is not a perfect one. Tebow has had more success on the football field than Danica on the racetrack. Although, I find it hard to sympathize with Danica detractors when a sport does something for publicity and that sport consists of driving expensive billboards.



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