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But first, some context.  It’s no secret that I loved True Detective season 1.  It came out of nowhere, like a three dimensional bolt of lightning in a flat circle.  I loved the acting.  I loved the cinematography.  I LOVED the mythology.  I fully admit it has a few flaws, but True Detective has gotten itself lodged in my brain like few other shows have.  And, BONUS, it has one of the coolest theme song/intros of all time.  Seriously.  The southern/cajun vibe that the show was drenched in is right there in the song.  And the visuals!  Man, I’ve often imagined the hilarity of other shows that have no business being this cool being shot in the same style.  Like Friends.  I wonder if that exists?  Looking….  It doesn’t.  But here is a hilarious spoof using The Big Lebowski.  Anyway, back to the True Detective Intro…. Watch it below!


Amazing, right?

True Detective Season 2

The cast of season 2

The cast of season 2

I put off starting season 2 for a few weeks.  To me (even though show runner Nic Pizzolatto disagrees), True Detective is about the south plains of Louisiana.  It’s Marty and Rust, especially Rust, telling me what he thinks about life.  And it’s the occult and mythology of the weird people that have lived in these parts for so long their brains are infected.  When word hit that season 2 would take place in California, and would be less focused on the occult, I was hesitant to jump in.  I would have TOTALLY watched it if it was called “Real Cops In California” or “Authentic Sleuths”, but calling something True Detective that clearly wash;t True Detective was troubling.  Anyway, I have since jumped in and I’m really enjoying this season. I miss the old world of Marty and Rust, but this new world id pretty cool.  It also has it’s flaws, maybe even a few more than last seasons (one notable example is the absence of season one director Cary Fukunaga, and spoiler alert, there’s beef!).  The dialogue, especially Vince Vaughn’s, is a bit hammy.  But hey so was McConaughey as Rust Cohle’s dialogue.  Both actors have done a great job of pulling it off.  I’m usually a Colin Farrell hater, but recently I’ve realized that maybe he’s just been in parts that weren’t suited for him.  I’ve enjoyed him so far this season, as well as Rachel McAdams and her character ridiculously named Antigone Bezzerides.  I have not, however, enjoyed Taylor Kitsch.  But I never do, so no surprise there.  Honestly, the show would be better without his character so far in my opinion.  Now, on to one more perceived negative.  The theme song for season 2.  Visually, extremely similar to season 1.  And also like season 1, it’s job is to slowly bring you into the world of True Detective.  There has been a bit of a backlash about it online with most people kind of hating it.  I think, maybe, we are being too hasty.  Give it a listen, and then let’s jump back in.


Did you listen?  See, it’s not that bad………………………………………………..

JUST KIDDING!!!!!  Oh my God, it’s the worst song ever!!!  EVER!  I can’t believe that all the different people that heard this crap just kept saying “Yeah, ok, this is great.  Let’s do it.”  Or maybe Pizzolatto is just a super jerk about it.  “THIS IS THE SONG!  I DON”T CARE WHAT YOU SAY!  BLAH BLAH BLAH!”  I can only imagine those 2 scenarios.  There’s simply know other excuse for how crappy it is.  And it’s not like they throw us a bone and make it, I don’t know, 30 seconds long.  The song lasts approximately 28 percent of the entire show.  Yes, it’s the length of a Dave Matthews Band jam session.  Or at least it feels that way.

So just to recap, so far, season 2 is pretty darn good.  But the theme song?  There’s no defense for the theme song.




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