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The Great Arrested Development Re-Watch (or, watch… in case you never saw it)!!!

First of all, take a moment and look at how clever my article title is.  Development, Paroled.  Awesome right?  Did you know that the show’s  then series finale was called “Development, Arrested”?  A pretty clever play on words using the shows title.  Well, praise God, Allah, Buddha and the man Jesus (or whoever else you may praise) the show is officially coming back, for at least one more season and then a movie.  That’s why my title is so clever.  Cause it’s paroled…. Get it?  Ok, now that we’ve taken a moment to recognize my brilliance, listen to this youtube video (That’s right, just listen.  No need to watch) while you read the rest of this article.  And prepare to get pumped for THE GREAT ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT RE-WATCH (or, watch… in case you never saw it)!!!  Scroll to the bottom for the calendar.


Ladies and gentlemen, TV’s BEST comedy (As named by IGN in this article.  Also, check the list of swag AD has won) is finally back.  Score one for the little guys.  After being cancelled in 2006, internet rumors have flown around ever since about a possible renewal and fourth season.  Well what I can only refer to as the saints and angels that run Netflix have picked up the show to run at least one more short season of fifteen episodes.  These episodes, according to Jason Bateman, all focus on a singular character from the show and take place at the same time.  So, as Jason explains, “The action across the episodes is happening simultaneously. If I’m driving down the street in my episode and Gob’s going down the sidewalk on his Segway, you could stop my episode, go into his episode, and follow him and see where he’s going.”  The premiere date has finally been revealed, and it couldn’t be any more perfect.  Check out the awesome picture for the exact date, and knowing the writers of Arrested Development (Which apparently now include Michael Cera), a clue to some of this seasons plot secrets.

Season 4 Poster


Why is this a perfect premier date?  I’m glad you asked.  See, the powers that be at Netflix have decided to try something new and interesting.  They have started producing entire seasons of Tv and releasing them all at once.  The first show to get this treatment was the awesome Kevin Spacey-led “House of Cards” (reviewed here by State-Lines own David Hennenhoffhuer7 (I can’t spell his last name)).  So what you’re thinking is true.  Yes, you can watch all fifteen episodes back to back on Memorial Day weekend! And that, my friends, is exactly what I propose we do!

I, Jarrett Haas, co-creator of this awesome website, will be hosting “Development, Paroled – A Binge Watching of Arrested Development Season Four”.  It will be at my amazing friend Greg Vander Wel’s house.  We will do this on Memorial Day, and it will be amazing (Thank God the Mayans were wrong.  Because I so do not want to miss this event).  What’s that?  You want in on this action?  Well, let’s just say it is a possibility.  We’re thinking of giving out around twenty “golden tickets” that will allow entry in to this event.  So, let me know if you want in via a comment on this article.  I may know a guy who can make it happen.  Now that the big news is out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

There’s a sure fire way to figure out if you need to watch the first three seasons of Arrested Development before the season four premiere.  It’s a one question survey.  The only question is “Are you human?”  If you answered yes, then you need to watch the first three seasons of Arrested Development before the season four premier.  It doesn’t matter if you watched all three seasons last week.  It doesn’t matter if you are homeless and have no TV.  If you’re human, you need to re-watch the first three season, or, for the love of God, watch it for the first time and become a cool kid for once in your sad life.  In exciting news, State-Lines own Jonas Arca has decided to finally become a cool kid.  He will be following our re-watch schedule and regularly giving us feedback on what he thinks of the show, all leading up to “Development, Paroled.”  So, you guys have no excuse.  I’m putting together the rewatch calendar, and the first three seasons are on Netflix.  You should watch along with us, and then keep your fingers crossed that you get an invite to the event of the year!

The Development, Paroled Re-Watch Calendar

There are fifty three episodes of the first three seasons.  And, including today, there are forty nine days until our party.  I know what you’re thinking… We’ve got work to do!


8 – Watch “The Pilot” and episode two “Top Banana”.  Trust me, you’ll want to watch two.  Probably more, but let’s pace ourselves.

9 – Bringing Up Buster.

10 – Key Decisions

11 – Visiting Ours

12 – Charity Drive

13 – My Mother The Car and In God We Trust

14 – A much deserved night off.  Catch up on that DVR

15 – Storming The Castle and Pier Pressure

16 – Public Relations

17 – Marta Complex

18 – Beef Consomme’

19 – Shock and Aww

20 – Staff Infection and Missing Kitty

21 – Take the night off!  You deserve it.

22 – Altar Egos

23 – Justice is Blind

24 – Best Man for the Gob

25 – Whistler’s Mother

26 – Not Without My Daughter

27 – Let Em Eat Cake – Congrats you made it to the season one finale!  Now watch season two Episode 1 – The One Where Michael Leaves

28 – I know you want to keep watching, but don’t.  Take a break and go outside.

29 – The One Where They Build A House

30 – Amigos!


1 – Good Grief

2 – Sad Sack

3 – Afternoon Delight

4 – Switch Hitter and Queen for a Day

5 – Remember last Sunday when you went outside?  Do it again.

6 – Burning Love and Ready, Aim, Marry Me

7 – Out On A Limb

8 – Hand To God

9 – Motherboy XXX

10 – The Immaculate Election

11 – Sword of Destiny and Meet The Veals

12 – Another break!  We’re almost to the end!  Kind of…

13 – Spring Breakout and Righteous Brothers will complete season two.

14 – The Cabin Show

15 – For British Eyes Only

16 – Forget-Me-Now

17 – Notapusy

18 – Mr. F and The Ocean Walker

19 – Last day off until the premiere!

20 – Prison Break-In

21 – Making a Stand

22 – S.O.B.’s

23 – Fakin’ It

24 – Family Ties

25 – Exit strategy and the season three finale, Development, Arrested.

26 – Today is premiere day!  Feel free to watch season four in it’s entirety, or, if you are attending “Development, Paroled” wait a day!

That’s it boys and girls!  Happy watching.  And don’t forget to check out Jonas’ articles about his experience with the show over the next month and a half.  And remember…  You’re gonna get hop-ons.





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