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Since 2006 we have marveled at the story of Dexter Morgan on the hit Showtime series “Dexter”. The big question going into the 8th and final season, which begins June 30th, is the fate and legacy of Dexter Morgan.

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For 7 seasons we have watched Dexter grow from being an almost robotic serial killer who leads a double life as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro PD , to a complicated anti-hero who we can’t help but root for.

In this final season we pick up with his sister and Lieutenant of Miami Metro PD, Debra Morgan, having just killed one of her own in the department to protect Dexter and his secret life as a serial killer. In this preview clip from the final season we see that this has affected Debra in some pretty negative ways.

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I recall watching the end of season 7 where Debra walks in on Dexter killing someone as being one of the top 5 shocking moments in my television watching history. Like it bothered me, a lot.  And isn’t that what attracts us to this series in the first place? It’s unpredictable, and when we think we have it all figured out, it shakes everything up and takes us on a new adventure.

So what is Dexter’s legacy? Is it the man with inner demons who ultimately used them to rid the world of great evil? Is it a psychopath who was pure evil masked behind a veil of “doing good”? Is a devoted Dad, a caring friend, a loving brother?

It will be interesting to see how it fleshes out in this last season, because to define Dexter Morgan is a complicated task.

As he learned to own his “Dark Passenger”, it was riveting to watch Dexter hunt down and eliminate criminals while evading the police with almost super-hero like abilities. But at what cost to those he loves?

If you aren’t hooked on “Dexter” you should be. I hope this article has shown the hesitant viewer that this series is about more than killing, I hope the casual fan feels inspired to pick up where they left off and keep watching, and I hope the diehard fans like myself are feeling excited for the 8th and final season.

I know I am.

Lastly, enjoy this official trailer the 8th season, and leave a comment with what you think Dexter’s legacy is.

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