Erik Scott

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What are your three favorite television dramas of all time?
TrueBlood, Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad

What are your three favorite television comedies of all time?
Sanford and Son, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family

What prematurely aborted or cancelled television series (and its consequent lack of closure) has left you utterly empty inside?

What do you consider to be the most satisfying television series finale ever?
Battlestar Galactica

What is a favorite film that you consider to be obscure or unknown to others?
Ong Bak (not that obscure, I know)

What is a film you have seen that you consider to be an unforgivable waste of your precious time?
The American!!!

What are your three favorite films of all time?
The Last Dragon, Bad Boys II, Life

Who are three film directors whose work you admire.

What are your three favorite music groups?
Rage Against The Machine, The Roots, Asa Base (JK)

Who is your favorite dead musician of any era?
Ol Birty Bastard

What are your three desert island albums?
Only Built For Cuban Links by Raekwon, Pieces of You by Jewel, 36 Chambers by The Wu-Tang Clan

What music group or performer would you like to punch in the face?
Soulja Boy, hands down

What are your three favorite books?
Needful Things, can’t remember any other books I’ve read!

What well known voice would you like to have read you to sleep each night?
The Nanny Fran Dresher

Who is your favorite stand-up comic?
Old School Eddie Murphy

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Ha, Peter Griffin

Who is your favorite fictional villain?
The Joker (as played by Heath Ledger Only)

Who is your favorite fictional hero?
Magneto; what, he wasn’t a hero?

Who are your favorite sports teams?

What fantasy sports do you play?

What are your best sports moments as a fan?
Boxing or MMA Knock Outs