This Is Everything #8: Chris “Boomer” Brickman (Tallhart, Goodnight Neverland)

This Is Everything with Daniel Cura – Episode 8: Chris “Boomer” Brickman

Welcome to Episode #8 of This Is Everything with Daniel Cura! In this episode, Daniel sits down with friend and musician Chris “Boomer” Brickman (formerly of Tallhart/Marksmen and Goodnight Neverland, ). Boomer goes deep into discussion about the history of Tallhart, specifically their breakup and the firing of drummer Reed Murray and manager Brent Cayson. This is a very candid and honest conversation, and this is the first time a lot of this story has been made public. It is a great explanation of what happened within the band, so fans and friends can have an honest look and some closure. Listen while you eat a #SaltyChurro. Boomer is @CBrickman on Twitter. Share, comment, subscribe, and review! #ThisIsEverything #StateLines

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