This Is Everything with Daniel Cura – Episode 8: Chris “Boomer” Brickman

This Is Everything with Daniel Cura #8: Chris “Boomer” Brickman

Welcome to Episode #8 of This Is Everything with Daniel Cura! In this episode, Daniel sits down with friend and musician Chris “Boomer” Brickman (currently of Goodnight Neverland, formerly of Tallhart/Marksmen). Boomer goes deep into discussion about the history of Tallhart, specifically their breakup and the firing of drummer Reed Murray and manager Brent Cayson. This is a very candid and honest conversation, and this is the first time a lot of this story has been made public. It is a great explanation of what happened within the band, so fans and friends can have an honest look and some closure. Listen while you eat a #SaltyChurro.

Boomer is @CBrickman on Twitter.

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Photo credit: A Lane 2011

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