Films We’ve Watched: JAWS Commentary

Welcome to our first commentary episode of Films We’ve Watched! Join hosts Nick Pratt and Brad Winter of Yodeyay Films as they watch and discuss Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film “Jaws.” Sync up, listen, and enjoy the show as you watch Bruce eat his way through Amity Island!

NOTE: To sync up the commentary with the film; once the classic Universal logo begins pause it at 0:00:03.20 right at as the globe fades in. We count down from three and tell you when to press play.

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Films We’ve Watched – JAWS Commentary


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About Nick Pratt

Nick is a cinephile, lover of any and all horror films, independent filmmaker, composer, and cool dude to sit down and have a beer with. Be prepared to talk in movie quotes and references as that is his main language.

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