A new play in ten scenes.  Our cast of characters: Annie Ellis, Garrett Molloy, Gibson Maguire; together in a Capra-corn for the millennial age.

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The sound of a car parking. ANNIE ELLIS exits the car. Footsteps and the sound of keys dangling…

ANNIE stops and shrieks when she sees a figure hunched over, blocking the doorway to the office.

GARRETT MOLLOY shuffles to his feet.

ANNIE ELLIS: How long have you been sitting out here, sir?

GARRETT MOLLOY: Good morning. G’morning, Ms. Ellis.

ANNIE ELLIS: Right. You.

ANNIE sighs.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I’m Garrett. We met–

ANNIE ELLIS: Yesterday. Right.

GARRETT MOLLOY: How are you this morning, Ms. Ellis?

ANNIE ELLIS: I was fine, Garrett. Just fine.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I’m sorry if I startled you.

ANNIE ELLIS: How long have you been out here?

GARRETT MOLLOY: A couple hours.

ANNIE ELLIS: It’s not even eight yet, Garrett.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I wasn’t sure what time you opened.

ANNIE ELLIS: Well, you scared me awake, you did.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I’m sorry about that, Annie.


ANNIE ELLIS: I need you to wait out here while I open up.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I brought the names. I have them with me.

ANNIE shoves the key in the lock and opens the door.

ANNIE ELLIS: Just come inside. Bring them inside.

The sound of the door locking behind them.

ANNIE flicks the light switch.

ANNIE ELLIS: Just have a seat over there then. Sit down and we can chat about the names.

The sound of a computer booting up.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I think you’ll be pleased with how many I was able to bring with me.

ANNIE ELLIS: Just a bunch of words, Garrett. Why should I be pleased with words?

GARRETT MOLLOY: Okay. I’m with you. They don’t mean anything to me either.

ANNIE ELLIS: Just shut up for a moment then. Allow me my bearings.


GARRETT MOLLOY: Whatever you say, boss.

ANNIE ELLIS: Enough of that, Garrett. I’m Annie, just Annie.


ANNIE ELLIS: Just tired…didn’t expect to have any visitors this morning.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I’m right there with you. I didn’t sleep last night.

ANNIE sighs.

ANNIE ELLIS: I don’t mean to take things out on you. Here you are: coming in bright and early, trying to do me a favor.

GARRETT MOLLOY: Well, not a favor. I’m just following direction. These names are worth something to someone. So, here they are.

ANNIE ELLIS: Right. How many pages did you write up there?

GARRETT MOLLOY: The whole thing.

ANNIE ELLIS: The whole thing?

GARRETT MOLLOY: Yes, I had…enough names to fill up the notebook.

ANNIE ELLIS: That’s funny.

GARRETT MOLLOY: It’s true. Have a look for yourself.

The sound of flipping pages.

ANNIE ELLIS: I’ve never seen anyone turn in this many so quickly. This is absurd.

ANNIE laughs.

GARRETT MOLLOY: They’ve been rolling around me head for a while now.

ANNIE ELLIS: This is impossible. You’re unreal.

GARRETT MOLLOY: No. I’ve just met a lot of people.

ANNIE ELLIS: You did this in one night?

GARRETT MOLLOY: It was good for me. It was like I’ve been waiting to pour them out. I was ready.

ANNIE ELLIS: You sure were…

GARRETT MOLLOY: So, do I get paid today?



ANNIE ELLIS: I mean; you would. You would if these were real.

GARRETT MOLLOY: They are all real.

ANNIE ELLIS: You would if these could be verified.

GARRETT MOLLOY: You’ll find them all to be real, Annie.

ANNIE ELLIS: You are very interesting, Garrett Molloy.

GARRETT MOLLOY: Far from it.

ANNIE ELLIS: How could you possibly come up with this many?

GARRETT MOLLOY: Each one is either here or from here.



ANNIE ELLIS: All of these names are associated with the air force base?


ANNIE ELLIS: So, these will be fairly easy to confirm then?


ANNIE ELLIS: So, you served then?

GARRETT MOLLOY: That’s right. When will I get paid?

ANNIE ELLIS: When did you enlist?


ANNIE ELLIS: Right around the time I started doing this job, I bet.


ANNIE ELLIS: I say, you were fresh out of high school when it happened. I’m sure you jumped in with both feet, just like me.

GARRETT MOLLOY: We felt the urgency.

ANNIE ELLIS: Sure did. Didn’t we?

GARRETT MOLLOY: Everyone was laser focused and charged up with high hopes.

ANNIE ELLIS: Big dreams of doing good and making a difference.

GARRETT MOLLOY: We were all in this together.

ANNIE ELLIS: Unified and on a mission.

GARRETT MOLLOY: That’s right.

ANNIE ELLIS: All have fallen short.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I suppose so.

ANNIE ELLIS: People planting dreams, and somehow we transformed into dogs guarding our bones.

GARRETT MOLLOY: Tearing apart the soil.

ANNIE ELLIS: Tearing apart our souls.

GARRETT MOLLOY: That would be one way to put it.

ANNIE ELLIS: How would you put it?

GARRETT MOLLOY: I have bad paper.

ANNIE ELLIS: I figured that. Other than honorable?


ANNIE ELLIS: Thank you for trusting me.

GARRETT MOLLOY: I, uh…it’s not worth worrying about.


ANNIE ELLIS: I like you, Garrett. I’m impressed by you

GARRETT MOLLOY: You really shouldn’t be.

ANNIE ELLIS: I like you. So, I’m going to tell you a little secret.

GARRETT MOLLOY: What’s that?

ANNIE ELLIS: I don’t see how you’re going to get paid for this. Today or any day, I’m afraid.


Read what happens in Scene Five “Retention”.

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