Well, State-Lines has returned.

And the Pizza Wizard is back to lead you in all things weird and trippy.



With years having passed since the last Psych Sync/State-lines post, you must be wondering, what came of Psych Sync. And the answer is both many things and no things. But that is stuff we can get into later.


TODAY, april 20th, 4/20
we celebrate a return…

Psych Sync will be coming back with SIQ/DIY/HOMEMADE music videos, occasional music reviews, MONTHLY radio podcasts of dope music, and a fictional series that is sure to take you to the fifth dimension.

For now, enjoy this music video for Parquet Courts “Caster of Worthless Spells.”



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Ken splits his creativity primarily between music and film. Most of his work is deeply wrapped up in his horror production company www.frightoverse.com

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