Frank Turner Announces ‘Get Better’ Documentary

British folk-rocker Frank Turner has just announced a new documentary titled Get Better: A Film About Frank Turner. The film was made by Ben Morse throughout 2015 while touring and recording. The documentary will premiere at the Vue Cinema in London, including a live solo performance and Q&A by Turner which will be broadcast live to other local theaters. Turner and company plan to release the film in theaters in the United States and other countries in 2017.

Film description:

Get Better is a year long character study of one of the hardest working musicians on earth. Encompassing footage from friends, family and fans across England, Europe and the USA, film maker and friend Ben Morse set out to capture a band who are constantly in motion, only to find that they suddenly stopped. Forced to pause for the first time in ten years, the film explores what drives a man to stay on the road, and what that means for his life and those around him.

In candid interviews, Frank, the band and everyone they meet explore what drives someone ever onwards.

See the trailer and full announcement for Get Better: A Film About Frank Turner below.

Friends, romans, countrymen – it’s about time I gave you an update on some very exciting stuff happening in my world to finish this year.

Thing is, we’ve made a film. It’s a fantastic piece called ‘Get Better’ made by the extremely talented Ben Morse, made over the course of 2015 when we were touring, recording the record, and things got a bit shaky now & again. It’s messy and funny and I’m extremely fond of it.

We’re going full ‘film industry’ with this one, and having a one-night-only premiere and cinema release on Tues 13th December. We’ll be premiering the film at the Vue Cinema in London’s Leicester Square (where else?), where I’ll be performing a solo set and also taking part in a Q&A with Ben and a special guest. For those outside the capital, fear not – the whole affair (including the live stuff) will be broadcast live into cinemas around the country. Tickets for everything (the London event and the screenings in local cinemas) will be on sale on Monday 21st November at We’re hoping to add more and more participating cinemas right up to the event, so if you don’t see your local theatre listed on the site, get in touch with them and keep checking back. We’ll be trying our best to put something in place for the film in the USA and the rest of the world in 2017, too.

Enjoy the trailer!

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