In three weeks, production begins on a new short film by a passionate, collaborative group led by Michael Alexander Bosch and Giancarlo Hernandez.  A film, even a short film, needs every piece of the puzzle to fit together perfectly.  This talented cast and crew are combining their efforts to tell a story of beauty and sacrifice.


The story contrasts the real with the imagined.  It shines a light on how easy it is to trade in something worthwhile for a fantasy.  Linda Roser will play Lenay Lenn, a girl who desperately wants to regain her sight and look upon the love of her life for the very first time.


The script tells the story with smart shots that will make the most of every minute of screentime.  LIVING WITH EYES CLOSED is a story of love and loss.  It’ll break your heart.  Let’s help give it life.  The cast & crew only need 100 more people to pre-order the DVD in order to fund the project.  For $15, you can help their collaboration count and then see the beauty for yourself.  There are only a few days left in their IndieGogo campaign.

Go kick in some funds and spread the word.

Make art with others, give and take, collaborate.

Believe that small is often preferable, especially when it comes to story.



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