In the spirit of continuing to try and introduce readers to  some helpful innovations that the internet has to offer,  I would like to introduce to you Speech Recognition Dictation.   it is a Google app that transforms the spoken word into text. I am using it right now. For months now I have been using the Google Voice Command app on my cell phone.  I have found it to be far better at recognizing my speech than the default application that came with my phone.  Then it occurred to me that there might be a Google app for dictation online.  Of course, there is!

Incredibly, just a few years ago when I begin law school, I paid upwards of $60 for voice-to-text software called Dragon Speak to do the exact same thing that Google now allows me to do for free.  I believe Evernote, another free online app, can do the same thing as well.  These apps can be very useful for anyone who experiences tendonitis or carpal tunnel in the wrists or hands from prolonged typing.  Slow typers or those who simply prefer to speak can benefit as well.  Tendonitis has been a problem for me ever since my first year of law school where I did most of my work on a netbook which is not conducive for  note taking and writing lengthy papers, due to its small keyboard.

To use the Google online dictation app all you have to do is have a  Google Chrome web browser, and then add the voice recognition application.  The application is not perfect, as you will definitely have to do some editing during or after you dictate, but I see no substantial difference between Google’s app and the commercial app that I used in law school.  Plus it’s free and there is no installation required.  If you or anyone you know could benefit from this app (or Evernote’s), then check it out and spread the word.




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