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Thanks for checking out another STATE-LINES podcast.  Adam and I recorded this on a balmy Sunday evening.  Why balmy?  Well because my air conditioner is broken.  Check out this cast to hear me complain about that.  And to hear Adam call me old  And also sympathize with me because this poor guy was staring at me the whole time and wanted to play.

Can we play ball, dad?

Can we play ball, dad?

We also talked about other stuff.  It was a grab bag of subjects.  The Fast and Furious movies.  The True Detective season 2 teaser.  Baseball, the masters, and lots of fun rabbit holes.

The Re-Launch

April 20th is the big day!  Make sure and check the site that day and enjoy new material from some of your old favorites.

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Jarrett Haas

Jarrett is co-founder of State-Lines.com, owner of Rule8Media.com, awesome videographer at RelevantChurch.com, creator, dreamer, and all around dude.

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