Oh, to be in Portland… Readers of GO MAKE BELIEVE might remember our inspiring amigo N.O. BONZO and her dark & lovely artbombs. You’ll now be able to hold them in your grubby little hands, bound together in her transgressive travelogue called DrownTown.



As with all of her art, this book is freaking handmade.

"...in the month of May..."

“…in the month of May…”

If you are one of the fortunate folks who can visit the FIFTY24PCX gallery and see Bonzo’s work in person, do yourself the favor and bring some friends.

...be there...

…be there…

If ¬†you’re the rest of us, join me in ordering her book! Tell your amigos.

This book shines a light on the artist through lush photography and sparse language.

If you don’t find yourself particularly moved by the harrowing sequence found on pages 9 through 16, then you might be not entirely human.