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Admit it! Whether you are 2, 12, 22, or 102 toys are cool! Everybody has afavorite toy they had when they were a kid or can think of a time they spotted something at the store they would love to have ontheir desk.

One of the underappreciated parts of the super hero movie genre is all of the great swag that comes out with the movie release. Whether it’s Iron Man, Avengers, Dark Knight, Xmen, Spiderman or any of the other geek beloved movies that are coming our way there are plenty of cool toys, collectibles, statues, comics and more to get. Who doesn’t want their shelves at home guarded by the heroes or villains from some of the best action movies today?

JMD Retail is a web based company that specializes in selling both new and hard to find figures, statues, novelties, comics, and other related collectibles. They have been kind enough give us some information on some of the great new items coming our way this super hero movie season.

Today we will be talking a little bit about the cool stuff coming for Iron Man 3. Tony Stark’s third solo installment always includes a bevy of varied armors from Hasbro in a 3 3/4″ line and a 6″ line. These figures aren’t super detailed but for the price of around $9.99 to $15.99 you get a lot of bang for your buck. Hasbro also carries some dress up items for the kids as well. There isn’t anything quite as silly fun as seeing a kid (or their parents) running around in an Iron Man, War Machine, or Iron Patriot mask. My favorite part of Hasbro for these types of movies is that you get just about every character from the film and usually their comic counter parts.

By far my favorite IM3 collectibles come from Kotobukiya. With 4 different statues announced to be coming out there is a lot to be excited about with this company. Their ArtFX statue line always look great and usually come with some kind of electronic element. For example as you can see in this video the lights in Iron Man’s eyes and chest plate light up.[youtube] You can turn them on to stay on or there is a motion sensor setting to have them turn on automatically. They are detailed and movie accurate. The downside is at $129.99 these statues cost a bit more than a 3″ figure from Hasbro. On the upside once they have been out for awhile these Kotobukiya statues value climbs and climbs. For example a Koto statue from Iron Man 2 is doing $499.99 now.

Lego is another fun line of toys that mirror film and television sometimes. There is 4 or 5 different sets already slated for IM3 and some of them hold some spoilers of the movie like the possibility of Pepper donning a set of armor herself. These sets are usually marginally priced from the $19.99 to as much as the $99.99 range but they have been known to climb in value themselves like Kotobukiya does. Lego, is one of those brands that is so popular with kids and collectors alike that when the older sets get scarce you can certainly get a bidding war on your hands on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Finally, we have the silly fun side of IM3. Funko, carries a line of bobble heads and a vinyl figures called POP!s specifically for the movie. These types of collectibles celebrate the movie in different ways from the traditional figures or statues. They are priced nicely at $10.99 to $15.99 and come in the different characters from the movie like Iron Patriot, War Machine, and Iron Man. Also, there are rumors of some spoiler specific armors for Iron Man that are being made for these POP figures.
im3 lego setfunko im3 wobbler iron man mark 42im3 sitting on couch The point of all of this is simple. Super hero movies are awesome but when you combine all of the other goodies you can get with the movie watching experience you truly have a great thing going. Sit back and relax, because this summer we will be bringing you updates on some of the cooler items that are coming out for a lot of these great movies. What are your favorite collectibles from Iron Man 3 so far?



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