Noel: I’ve known Jason for seven years now. A few weeks ago we were hanging out at Oxford Exchange discussing state-lines and article ideas. And then our conversation moved to BBC television shows and how we both have come to love them. Dr. Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, and the list keeps growing. Quickly the idea for these collaboration articles came together. What follows is a transcript of our viewing of the first episode of the Sherlock series on BBC. What you should know is that Jason and I were also nerdy enough to barely talk to each other during the viewing. Instead we typed to each other via Google Drive on our iPads. Let me tell you: hanging out with the two of us is one non-stop party. Enjoy.

Sherlock Series 1, Episode 1 (2010)

A Study in Pink (original air date October 24, 2010)

First we got distracted because IMDB said there was an unaired pilot… We leave Netflix and look at Amazon. No luck. Back to Netflix.

Jason (J): (after Watson puts a coffee mug on the table) Is that a Harry Potter mug?

Noel (N): No, I think it’s British Royal Services something…

J: Pretty much the same thing.

N: Paused show so Jason could go find his keyboard and be cool like me typing on my iPad, then we discover something cool about sharing a document via Google Drive.

J: Noel is my friend. The document sharing works! “I love technology…” (channeling my inner Kip Dynamite aka Aaron Ruell. Actually, come to think of it, that guy should be in more stuff)

N: haha

J: Ok, start the show from the beginning again now that we’re settled. Good thing we didn’t drink coffee before this. Noel gets distracted enough without all that caffeine.

N: Restarting from beginning, blurry John again.

J: British scene-scapes look so much cooler than America’s.

N: Lestradt looks like Kieffer Sutherland. And haha, I love it when British ppl get sassy.

J: Noel, you actually just used a text abbreviation for “people”. Are you also 11 years old?

J: One of my favorite things about BBC shows is that they use the same pool of actors for every show. Makes me feel right at home with the same faces as different characters…or makes me feel schizophrenic. Either way, I like what’s going on inside.

N: Love all the texts popping up on the screen… So cool.

J: Sherlock, “I’ve gotten fat.” “No”, says Watson. An accent works great for lying. It makes the feigned politeness sound sincere. That’s what I need, an accent!

J: The first time I watched this episode I turned off after the part where Watson & Holmes meet for the first time…basically 5 minutes into the show. I didn’t really like Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Holmes to start. But, he grew on me.

N: As he should… he’s amazing. Have you seen the Otters that look like Benedict Cumberbatch?

J: HAHAHA that’s amazing! And incredibly accurate.

N: When we were in England we were in the underground near Baker Street and they have all these profiles of Sherlock Holmes (or Conan Doyle) I don’t remember… anyway, my sister was really confused by it. 221b Baker Street… she didn’t know it was famous… haha

J: I definitely could not live with Holmes. I’m pretty OCD about things. I can’t stand clutter. But he’d probably Jedi-mind-trick me into wanting to live with him despite that.

N: I like all the books stacked everywhere… and that Mrs. Hudson thinks they’re gay lovers.

N: Mrs. Hudson said she had a hip like no one else on the planet does… she’s so silly.

J: Sherlock has the best insults. I wish I had a genius brain, really just so I could insult people in ways they don’t understand.

N: I love how John is so amazed by Sherlock. “Amazing!” “Brilliant!” “Fantastic!”

N: Jason, do you want the Cocaine Addiction, too?

J: Maybe. It’s tough to be a genius without the drugs.

N: Mycroft, so unnecessarily melodramatic.

J: Why is Mycroft’s assistant basically a 13 year old girl with her non-stop texting, one word answers to every question and annoying persona?

N: Makes her hotter?

N: And here’s the British irony.

J: I want an arch-enemy.

N: Maybe you can get that where you pick up a cocaine habit?

J: “The frailty of genius, John, it requires an audience.” Brilliant statement.

N: I love it! “I’m not his date!”

J: I never want to ride in a taxi again. I’m afraid I’ll get Jedi-mind-tricked into committing suicide. Those cabbies are such clever Jedi-mind-trickers. Wait! How is everyone on this show so good at Jedi-mind-trickery?!

N: You only have to worry about the ones that don’t say their H’s (that’s the plural for H).

N: I think I’m going to start wearing a blanket around, “Lookit, I’m in shock.”

J: No one would react to you. People expect those kinds of things from you. Crazy.

N: Jerk.

J: I definitely wish I could be at Christmas dinner with Sherlock and Mycroft. All the mental fatigue.

N: The beginning of a beautiful relationship? They’re faces were so happy at the end. Also, I can’t wait for Moriarty!

J: There’s a reason their faces were happy….but not because they’re in love with each other.

Jason: This new take on Sherlock from the mind of Steven Moffatt is refreshing and very creative. It amazes me that this show began as a fun side hobby for him but turned out to be hugely popular and so good. Maybe he should treat more shows he creates like that. If you haven’t seen this show yet, not sure if you want to take the time for it, think you’re too cool for it, or just simply don’t care then let Noel and me help you out: stop that ridiculous thinking and go watch it right this second. Go. Now. I’m not joking. Literally move from where you are and turn on Netflix or whatever you can and start watching the show this instant. But, make sure you get a viewing partner first.

It’s all the better that way, as most things in life are.