Jason Sowell

What are your three favorite television dramas of all time?
The West Wing, Doctor Who, Sherlock

What are your three favorite television comedies of all time?
Seinfeld, Parks and Rec, Community

What prematurely aborted or cancelled television series (and its consequent lack of closure) has left you utterly empty inside?
The OC (I can’t lie. Guilty Pleasure)

What do you consider to be the most satisfying television series finale ever?

What is a favorite film that you consider to be obscure or unknown to others?
The Foot Fist Way

What is a film you have seen that you consider to be an unforgivable waste of your precious time?
“Spartan”. Definitely “Spartan”. Starring the great Val Kilmer.

What are your three favorite films of all time?
3 just isn’t enough, but I’ll give you a 3-way selection of the many, I guess – Office Space, Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope (or as it should be called, Star Wars), Love Actually

Who are three film directors whose work you admire.
Christopher Nolan, Joss Whedon, Martin Scorsese

What are your three favorite music groups?
Again, too many to name, but let’s start with these – Incubus, Anberlin, Tupac

Who is your favorite dead musician of any era?

What are your three desert island albums?
Well since it’s a desert island, has to be island music, so Michael Franti, Bob Marley, Donovan Franenreiter….or is that not what the question meant?

What music group or performer would you like to punch in the face?
Miley Virus, Taylor Swift, Ke$sha…..wait, that’s more than one. Oh, no they’re not. They’re basically the same person.

What are your three favorite books?
Dang it! So many “3 favorites” questions! This is hurting my brain.

What well known voice would you like to have read you to sleep each night?
Sir Patrick Stewart

Who is your favorite stand-up comic?
Brian Regan

Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Bugs Bunny

Who is your favorite fictional villain?
3-way tie between Darth Vader, The Joker & The Daleks

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

Who are your favorite sports teams?
FSU Seminoles!, Tampa Bay Rays, ATL Braves, Buccaneers, Lightning

What fantasy sports do you play?
None. I have an actual life.

What are your best sports moments as a fan?
First time I saw the Noles & Gators play at Doak Campbell Stadium & sitting at the head table with Bobby Bowden for a Booster Club event.