statham_smallLet’s be honest. You hate Jason Statham, but you love Jason Statham.


Because he’s Jason Statham.

One man.

Different movie titles.

Slightly different plots…slightly.

One character.

And you can’t get enough of it, America.

There’s something comforting about the same character in every movie and yet, something depressing about it. When a Statham movie preview hits the streets like the one featured here, everyone says they won’t see it. Adamantly, with no reservation or hesitation they declare it.

It makes millions when it’s released.

The movie, even the preview, is looked at with such disdain and film snob piety. Heated discussions ensue about the terrible studios that thought this movie was quality enough to actually put money into and release to the masses. Perplexity reigns in the minds of so many as to why a studio would think anyone would ever want to see another movie with Statham.

They know what you never want to admit. You #$%@ love Jason Statham.

Personally, I’ve come to terms with the inner turmoil and I embrace it. Maybe it’s because life is too real and stressful that I’m ok with the blatantly unrealistic action and same-old-same-old acting.

That Statham character is like that old ratty blanket your grandmother knitted when your mom was in the womb, that became your baby blanket, that you still use while laying on your couch watching TV (and secretly wishing you could take to the theater with you).

It’s just familiar and it knows you.

Statham knows you.

And you hate it.

But, you love it.

He’s familiar, so embrace him.




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Jason is a man (really), non-profit entrepreneur, missionary/pastor, musician, part-time barista, and a pro surfer in another life.

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