“Because Bob is one tough son of a bitch!”
aaaaaaa decoy bob
This week’s episode was great! We got to see a little bit of everyone, the marshals, the Tonin crew, the Crowders, and Constable Bob. After last week the marshals have a little bit of a task on their hands of getting Drew Thompson out of Harlan without everyone ending up dead. While trying to figure out their next move the marshals hold up at Raylan’s dearly departed father’s house. They come up with the plan of driving Drew out of town when they hear that the helicopter will be at least 30 mins out.

Elsewhere in Harlan Nicky Augustine is having his man YOLO work on Boyd a bit. “Where did you get all them teeth?” will stand out as a memorable line for the entire series. Understandably Nicky is upset that Drew is now in the hands of the law. While Duffy has fled the country Boyd has opted to stay and try to work out this problem with Tonin’s crew. Boyd calls out Raylan’s plan to drive Drew out of town perfectly and sends one of Nicky’s men with Colt to take care of it.
aaaaaaa decoy boyd
On the road Art and Marshal Tim are driving down the road when Tim slams on the breaks and realizes that an Iraq style ambush is upon them. The whole caravan stops and waits. This side plot is a great use of Art and Tim for some much needed screen time. As it turns out they do not have Drew and as the title would suggest they are the decoy. Raylan, Rachel, and Drew are hiding safely at Raylan’s high school stomping ground.

Boyd is still in hot water with Nicky and it gets worse with the road decoy. Now he deduces where Raylan is hiding at his father’s house. Around the time YOLO gets there Constable Bob is there talking to Raylan on the phone. Ray Ray forgot to disable the alarm and the good Constable got the call. Immediately Bob is taken hostage and questioned by YOLO. We now learn his nick name is for You Only Live Once and when you hear his name you know it’s about to get real. After a few minutes of beating on Bob with some great music in the background Bob manages to use his knife again. He gets it buried in YOLO’s leg and is able to fight him long enough for the blood loss to takes its toll. Raylan comes to save Bob and finds him alive and well all be it bludgeoned on the floor.

Raylan takes Bob back to the high school. Strike 2 for Boyd as Raylan’s father’s house is a no go for Drew. He finally comes up with the high school as to Raylan’s hideout due to an astronaut landing a helicopter on their baseball diamond in their youth. With few men left handy Nicky sends Boyd with his last man on hand to go handle it. They come up with Raylan managing to hold them off with his banter long enough for Bob to work out a plan. Wait Constable Bob takes a beating, kills a bad ass mafia soldier, and comes up with a plan to sneak Drew out of town? Can’t wait to see more of Bob!!

The episode ends with Raylan again talking these thugs off the ledge when he informs them with guns drawn that Drew is gone and the marshals are on the way. Boyd flustered leaves while Tonin’s men take a little more time deciding to take the hint. Ava’s finest scenes of the year come towards the end of the episode as well when she takes no shit from Nicky. He harrasses her about being in charge of the brothel and continually asks for some lovin’ when she appears to oblige him. While delicately kneeled between his legs she douses him with brandy and holds him hostage with a lighter before stealing his gun.

Normally this would be epic enough but it also made an opening for more drama. She finds out that Johnny is now in Tonin’s pocket so that he can overthrow Boyd. He confesses his love for her and his desire to not be cast aside. We now have Boyd ready to kill Johhny, Raylan ready to go after more bad guys, and Nicky ready to kill everyone. Every episode leaves me anxious for the next episode. With only a couple episodes left this season we will have a lot to look forward to.
aaaaaaa justified boyd and ray



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