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We are 10 episodes into the season and as the mystery of “who is Drew Thompson” has been revealed the excitement of what happens next is alive and well. This episode starts off with basically everyone knowing who Drew Thompson is and spending every waking moment looking for him. This episode also is a welcome return of one of my favorite characters from season 3.

Just like when Drew disappeared the first time he has a plan this time. He intends to fly out of Harlan and head towards Mexico. After some hesitation he decides to take Ellen May with him. She really is pretty sweet when she thanks him for being the first one to take an interest in her well being. Drew just runs into one road block after another, literally. His plan A of flying out of the country is thwarted when Raylan realizes Drew can fly and sets up a stake out at Harlan’s tiny airstrip. Next Raylan sets a road block on some kind of crucial back road and stops Drew’s plan B. As Drew contemplates turning themselves in Ellen May has an idea of where they should hide out.

When Art catches up to Raylan he assumes Art is going to give him hell about taking Hunter out for a road trip last week but is somewhat surprised to hear something else instead. Art, tells Raylan that he will get around to suspending him for the Hunter incident later. Then he gives one of the best lines of the entire season. He tells his marshals to stop and take a look at all that Drew has accomplished. He shot Theo Tonin, he threw Waldo out of an airplane while he was flying it, he disappeared in Harlan with enough cash and coke to jump start the economy of a small country, he has been sheriff twice, and now he shacked up with a prostitute half his age as he makes another run at a getaway. “That is some bad ass shit!” and then, “Let’s go find a whore!” How can you not love Art? He is awesome!
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Ellen May gets Drew to Nobles Holler to meet up with Limehouse. Unfortunately, Limehouse already knows who Drew is and takes him and Ellen May hostage. Boyd finds out and asks how much for both of them. Limehouse wants $150k each but double crosses him in the end and tells him it is $300k for each. This could be possibly because Boyd got mouthy with him right before concluding their deal. After Boyd makes his decision Ellen May goes nuts and spits on Ava. Now it is official if Ellen May stays around Ava will have a serious problem on her hands with what Ellen May knows. Hell hath no fury like a hillbilly woman scorned.

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The rest of the episode develops pretty obviously. Boyd picks Drew and takes him to a drop off point for Tonin’s men to pick him up. The marshals arrive in the nick of time to save Drew from Tonin and are now tasked with the fun task of getting themselves and Drew out of Harlan alive. Johnny mixes in parts of the episode trying to get Duffy’s help. He also lets the marshals in on the drop point for Drew.

For finishing in such an unsurprising fashion it did open up some great plot possibilities for the remaining episodes of the season. Duffy is running, Johnny is bound to get discovered as a hitch in Boyd’s step, Boyd is close to the wrong side of Tonin, the marshals are going to have a time getting out of Harlan and may lose someone in the process, Ava lost her next egg in the Limehouse exchange, and Ellen May is a huge problem if ever she gets to a witness box. That’s a lot of loose ends to look at in the final episodes of this season. One thing is for sure, there will likely be a few casualties.



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