a state lines justified pic rayThis week’s episode had a lot riding on it before the opening credits even rolled. After last week’s departure of good old Arlo Givens we were shown a preview of this week’s episode. In it we are shown that this week we would find out who Drew Thompson really is. Now if you have been reading my Justified articles then you know last week I named who I thought Drew is, but more on that later.

Hatchet Tour started out with Marshal Tim Gutterson at the crime scene where his druggy friend was shot dead by Colt. This was a great start if for no other reason than it gives Marshal Tim more of a story line of his own. He immediately suspects Colt of being the man behind the shot. He knew from their previous encounter at the VA that Colt was just as much of a drug addict as Mark was. Tim manages to save Preacher Billy’s sister from being strangled by Colt before letting him leave with Boyd.

Preacher Billy’s sister Cassie showing back up brings up some interesting questions. I never really felt that the mobile church story line from the beginning of the season really wrapped up well or answered some burning questions. Were they legit or was it a scam? Was Billy in charge or was it really Cassie? If Cassie was in charge what does she have in store for the Crowders? I never really bought that she was as sweet as she pretends to be. Preacher Billy may have been the real deal but now that he is gone I’m very interested to see what Cassie will do now that she is back on the scene. It appears that Cassie and Tim shared a moment in the truck after he saved her. If her intentions are dubious then an exploration of these two characters down that path could be very entertaining.

Elsewhere in Harlan county we have Boyd and Ava looking at a house with a realtor. It appears that their plans for the future are in full swing. Now, whether these plans come together or not is irrelevant to me as long as they keep the Crowder story line interesting. Criminal success is not something to be afraid of from a plot perspective. Look at Mags Bennet from Season 2. She was very successful for years until her downfall. The interesting part isn’t the downfall as much as the plot around her business leading up to it. Boyd and Ava can become King and Queen of Harlan for all i care as long as that story remains compelling.

Boyd’s story dips away from the Drew Thompson mystery as he is alerted to the health status of Ellen May. After finding out that Ellen May is alive, Boyd looks to get the truth out of Colt. He does get Colt to confess after a game of pointing guns at each other’s head in a truly great scene. Once, Boyd finds out the details of Ellen May’s disappearance he realizes that Sheriff Shelby has her hidden. He knows that this is how Shelby intends to get out from underneath Boyd. When Boyd is captured by the Marshal’s at Shelby’s house he realizes the truth that SHELBY IS DREW THOMPSON!!

This shocking revelation came after an enjoyable trip through Harlan County with Raylan and Hunter(who killed Raylan’s father last week). So many great things came from Raylan taking Hunter on a road trip. We got to see Art go balistic at the office, some great face time with Duffy in his rolling RV office, and a good old fashioned shoot out with two drunk rich guys and a Constable Bob. Constable Bob has an assault rifle? I wouldn’t trust that gut with a ping pong paddle. It was awesome!
a state lines hatchet run bob
Raylan figured that before Hunter got to go to his new home in a super max prison he needed to be of some assistance to finding out who Drew Thompson really is. Raylan figured that whoever hired Hunter to kill Arlo would be a good person to question about Drew or may even be Drew. As it turns out Hunter was not willing to divulge that information. He even attempted to kill himself so as not to be tricked into giving it away. However that became a moot point later on. Hunter considers himself to be a man of honor despite all of his mistakes.

Hunter feels that disputes go to the bone and a promise to a friend or someone you owe goes just as deep. Hunter and Shelby tell Raylan a story of Arlo inciting a crime family dust up while defending the honor of Raylan’s mother. It showed us a few things about these characters. One, that Raylan can have a moment of pride for his father. And, the second thing it showed us that for all of the criminal flaws that run through Harlan county some things like honor and defending your kin are still important. After Constable Bob’s shoot out Drew reveals himself to the audience with Hunter and takes off.

We have spent all season wondering who Drew Thompson is and now we will spend the next couple episodes chasing him down. It looks to be a wonderful set up for whatever blood soaked, bullet ridden, mafia infused, tense, emotional rollercoaster that is to come. Some of the guessing game this season is over with Drew’s identity out in the open but the question of what happens next will always be there!!



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