It’s hard to believe we are already 7 episodes into season 4 already. It’s even harder to believe that all the events of the last 7 episodes all happened in a 6 day time span. No wonder Raylan looks tired all of the time.

This week’s episode steps back from the Drew Thompson mystery a bit and focuses more on the baddy of the week from the season premiere. Through flashback we find out that the season has only been 6 days in Raylan’s world. The show starts off with him handing off bail jumper Jody Adair to his former one night stand that hired him to track the convict.

Jody, quickly manages to escape with the help of his overweight film maker friend who will for the rest of this article be known as fatty filmer. After breaking free he quickly kills both of the bail bonders and heads to fatty filmer’s house to recoup from a gunshot would with a whole lot of pot.

Back at the office Raylan is being ordered by Art to go to the prison and see his father and former Sheriff Hunter. This scene has an awkward moment where half the office points out a guy named Nelson that works there. Who the hell is Nelson? I’ve never heard of him before. Why point him out so many times in less than a minute? My guess is he will be a rat or dead body sooner or later. After some whining about going and an ice cream cone Raylan heads towards the prison. He happily changes course however, upon hearing of Jody’s escape.

aaaaaaaaaa justified pic Raylan and Jody’s story is somewhat satisfying but leaves us wanting more of the season long plot of the┬ásearch for Drew Thompson. The best part of Raylan’s side story this week is the use of Jackie Nevada. Yes, that is her real name and apparently her father’s real name is Reno Nevada. Her character adds a flirtatious flair of humor as Raylan stays on the hunt. She also helps to illustrate Raylan’s newly found caution towards women. Between his ex wife leaving him again and his new girl friend turning out to be a con artist Raylan is a bruised peach. That won’t stop him from getting a little bump and grind but he will be a little bit more nervous when he does it.

Speaking of the hibity dibity. Boyd and Ava’s story this week centers on them going to a swingers party for the rich and scummy. Boyd is actually nervous about socializing with these penny pinchers. Upon arriving at the party they quickly separate and discreetly search for some information on Drew Thompson. Boyd quickly joins the men of power in the study while Ava trys to avoid the pawing attraction from a man that remembers her from when she was a kid. Creepy! After rescuing Ava from a demanding suitor Boyd takes her home and returns for a little business.

The power study informs Boyd that he is in business because they allow it. They order Boyd to kill a problematic friend of theirs so they can work an angle to cash in on some sweet federal super fund money. The unofficial leader of this new group appears to be veteran actor Sam Anderson. Anderson best known for his role as Bernard on the hit Lost does most of the talking. He is just as good in this as he is in Lost, or as the principal on Growing Pains, or the creepy sex crazed principal from Forest Gump. (Your moma sure does care about your schoolin son) The scene ends with Boyd speechlessly surrounded by these men in the study.

Boyd and Ava were at the party to try to find Drew Thompson. The new theory is that he has moved up the food chain and is in a position of power. That being said, my theory for the season is that Anderson is Drew Thompson. He is recognizable enough of an actor to be the one they are looking for and he has just the right kind of chemistry on a criminal level with Boyd. It just seems like the show he is putting on, is for him as the high class snoot like his friends. Regardless of what he will bring in the long run this season it will be great seeing him in action.

The episode winds down with Raylan finally seeing Arlo in jail. He makes him an offer of information for an easy “country club” prison to live out his days in. Arlo, promptly tells him to eat shit. Raylan finally throws down the gauntlet. He tells his father that he is going to give his deal to former Sheriff Hunter and that Boyd is against his release so that he can find Thompson himself. Arlo, is visibly shaken by this news but won’t admit it. On his way out the door Raylan tells him he will die soon in this prison and he can’t wait to hear the news. This is a father and son relationship that has run its course. Raylan never really cared all that much for Arlo but he seemed to be okay with his existence in this world. With the finality of these words one can only imagine that he has finally made the decision not to care about Arlo at all. It will be fun seeing where this goes this season as well.

Next week we will keep the wheels turning on this story and each episode draws us closer to the finale. The pace will start to pick up and the action will get more interesting. It is an exciting time to be a fan of Justified.



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