If you read last week’s post then you know we are examining Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder from the hit show Justified. These characters are such a core of the show that this will hopefully give you a good insight into what you are missing if you haven’t been watching.

Boyd Crowder:

Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Goggins) goes on just as much of a journey emotionally as Raylan does. These two men knew each other earlier on in life while working coal mines together. The pilot episode is the first time we meet Boyd and it shows us more of an immature trouble making Boyd. His father made a big name for himself in Harlan racketeering, running drugs, etc.  After a near fatal shootout with Raylan, Boyd finds his spiritual side. He spends the rest of season one running a backwoods church and trying to lead men away from a life of drugs and crime. His father finds out about the little outreach and quickly puts an end to it.

Season two finds Boyd initially trying to lead an honest life working in the coal mines. He eventually gets sucked back into a life of crime that ends with him taking over a local crime families weed empire after they are removed by the good Marshal. Boyd, grows from immature thug to a world weary crime boss. He reluctantly decides that even though he tried to go straight he is stuck with a life of crime. If that’s the case then his attitude is so be it. Fine, I will be the crime lord this place has been missing.

Season three finds Boyd still working on his criminal empire. He now has Raylan’s crooked father Arlo working for him along with Raylan’s one time love interest, Ava, and Boyd’s cousin Johnny. Boyd is a man with a plan this entire season but that isn’t only what is moving his story forward. The more interesting part of Boyd is how his empire and attitude start to collide with the world of Raylan. The show at its core really is about these two men squaring off in a very long chess match.

Now that we are part way into season four we can see the chess pieces still moving by both of these men. They share a conflicted past. They have been both friends and enemies and before this show ends I think we will be treated to seeing them on both sides of that coin again. Boyd is the embodiment of what Raylan feared most growing up. Being an average Harlan county felon.



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