The end has come and gone. Justified Season four has come to an end and left us with many interesting moments to cherish and some questions for where the show is going next year. There were much anticipated conflicts as well as some unexpected hiccups. When the dust settled we see Ava going to jail, Raylan momentarily aligned with the Dixie Mafia, and Boyd ready to declare war on some Harlan elite while stepping up his business.
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To start off the end of the finale we look back at the previous episode. Raylan has captured Drew Thompson and found Ellen May. Marshal Tim has killed Colt in a Raylan style stand off. Art is still dropping beloved. Boyd and Ava are trying to find a way out of a trip to the klink. And finally Winonna has what appears to be an unpleasant delivery from Nicky’s Dixie Mafia henchman.

The final starts off with a 10 min battle royal in the room of Raylan’s future child. Raylan and Winonna take out 3 hit men who leave nothing to the imagination on what they were willing to do them if they didn’t cooperate. Now Raylan is on the war path to end Nicky Augustine’s role in crime. In the end Raylan works out a deal with Theo Tonin’s son and basically is an accomplice in Nicky’s murder. The legally right thing to do goes out the window when mess with Raylan’s baby momma.
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On the Crowder front Boyd and Ava have put together a plan retrieve the body of Ava’s previous kill to prevent further legal trouble. In the process of the “picnic” plan to the mine shaft they discover that the body has already been discovered. Now they have a serious problem and have to trust a Harlan deputy and a Harlan elite Boyd irritated to help. Let’s say in the end Ava is going to jail and Boyd takes a beating. I can’t wait to find out the creative ways Boyd tries to save Ava while exacting his revenge on those that mess with his family.

Much like the season finale of the Walking Dead this season ended on a relatively minor note. It sets up a lot of promising circumstances for next year but leaves you missing something. The Raylan/Dixie Mafia run in ends just a little too neat for my taste and the Boyd/Ava set up does look to have some kind of damsel in distress feel to it. With Justified’s stellar track record I feel they will do right by these plot set ups but you never know. Did you start watching Justified this season? If not now is the time to start catching up!!



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