So since my last post ( I wrote one two weeks ago but the
darn word press screwed it up) march madness has truly taken over
the country.  I went to Austin Texas
and went to this little music festival maybe you’ve heard of it
South by Southwest. Marc Maron put another great interview with a
comedy legend Dick Van Dyke on his podcast WTF. So obviously I decided that
Kentucky imploding should be what I would waste part of your day
reading about. Last year at this time most college basketball
writers spent 2000 words describing the death of college basketball
as we know it, how the one and done system of NBA level athletes
who had to take a year before going pro and waste it getting a
partial education instead of getting  multimillion dollar
contracts was going to make march madness more dull and less
exciting. That only a few teams every year with the best class of
freshman would win the tourney. Well they may have over reacted
just a bit. The number one recruiting class for 2012 went to
Kentucky the same Kentucky who just lost its first game of the NIT tournament. While they did lose
their star center in Nerlens Noel. You wouldn’t find to many
wildcat fans that thought that this team was living up to its
potential even with him in there. what this team did was what some
had thought and I had secretly hoped for. that with out some
upperclassman leading the others in practice and in games that the
young teams would implode under the expectations. Now next year
Kentucky is bringing in the best class of freshman like it has four
of the last five years they should be stacked they should run the
table. but that is what is great about college sports they don’t
always do what they should. Last year everyone thought that Victor
Oladipo would work in the off season and get better but no one
besides Mr. Oladipo thought that he would be this good. He is front
of the pack for player of the year. North Carolina ST came into
this year with lofty expectations they were ranked well ahead of
both of their instate rivals Duke and North Carolina  at the
end of the season it received an eight seed just  like North
Carolina and well below the two seed that Duke received. UCLA,
Baylor, Texas, all have had disappointing years compared to their
recruiting classes and preseason hype. This year more than most
though has reminded us that COLLEGE BASKETBALL IS CRAZY!!! John
Calipari is the best one and done recruiter ever. that is not
hyperbole just the truth. The reason the NBA wanted the one and
done rule was so that they could spend one year getting information
on players in college where the competition would be closer to the
pro game than it is in high school. Because they got tired of
giving money away to players who weren’t good enough. Translation
recruiting in high school is really difficult to do, you miss a lot
more than you make. Why would we think that college coaches and
their assistance who don’t have as many talent scouts would do a
better job? It’s a crap shoot and sure the die is loaded in the
favor of coach Cal but it doesn’t mean that he will win every year
or that he will ever win a national title again. The way he plays
the game is high risk high reward and when it all comes together
like it did last year it is magical but when it doesn’t it is a
steaming pile. this is not to say that i think that coach Cal will
never win a national title again he is a really good coach i think
that he could easily win a couple more at least but I do think that
the over excited beat writers who wanted to drum up some hits on
Google expounding on the death of college basketball were dead
wrong last years Kentucky team was just really lucky. Lucky that
UNC lost its starting point guard Kendall Marshall and went from
one of the two best teams in the country with Kentucky to a middle
of the pack team so Kentucky got to play the greatest rebuilding
year team ever from Kansas not the other team that could have given
them a run for their money. They also got lucky that they had some
upper class men leadership on that team that made them work harder
and not become complacent. The tournament is difficult to win every
year who ever wins it has gotten lucky somewhere along the
way  that is how it has always been and luckily how it will be
for the foreseeable future.



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