M is for MISOTHEISM: An competition entry for ABC’s of Death Part 2

Have you seen the ABC’s of Death?

It’s a horror anthology film that uses letters of the alphabet to guide short films that somehow revolve around death. And it’s awesome!

Sometimes gross, often funny, always creepy, and occasionally almost too disgusting for resident horror guru Ken. But State-liners Ken and DJ teamed up to submit an entry into the films official contest for the letter “M.”

So check it out below!

OK, Awesome right?! We hope at the very least it caused you to ask yourself “what does this mean?”

If you did like it, (which why wouldn’t you have?) please follow this link below, and click the FACEBOOK LIKE above the video. (6) videos with the highest FACEBOOK LIKES will be selected for the final jury (the 25 directors of the letters excluding M) to judge which of the finalists will be selected for the film. So please like it!

Even if you don’t like it, would you please facebook like it on the page below… pretty please, with sugar on top and a cherry.



About Ken Whiting

Ken splits his creativity primarily between music and film. Most of his work is deeply wrapped up in his horror production company www.frightoverse.com