A person can subscribe to two versions of life. The first one is linear. A vision of existence related to cause and effect. Each event of your life impacts the next one. This places meaning and purpose to everything.  The second one is non-linear. Life is a mess. Chaos reigns. Things happen for no reason. Causes have no place in this view. Also fuck effects.  I want to believe in the first theory. It is romantic and safer. It purposes a constant light at the end. Yet as things mount and credit card companies call, that girl you like gets too busy, your work no longer excites you, your knee does that weird clicking noise, your car doesn’t start, your parents get too old, hair grows in odd places, and everyone becomes allergic to gluten, life seems more and more like headphones jammed into the pocket of your jeans. Then you watch the Saturday Night Live skit “Maine Justice” and it all makes sense. There is no explanation to anything. Life is just bayou, gumbo, and ends with a parade. Embrace the nonsensical.