We are back for another look at the toys and collectibles inspired by the release of Man of Steel.  I for one can’t wait for the movie. Superman movies have had a bit of a troubled past. Superman 4 or Superman Returns comes to mind. This new film looks stunning and the toys and collectibles look just as good.   JMD Retail has given us some more pics and info on some of the latest goodies to come.



First up is the Man of Steel Superman Artfx statue by Kotobukiya. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Kotobukiya. They do a great job bringing every piece they make to life. This statue not only looks great in it’s sculpt but it also has some unusual features as well. The cape is moveable. You can adjust the cape in nearly any configuration that you would like. That’s definitely awesome, a statue you can basically play with!!

funko man of steel pop superman


Next is the Funko Man of Steel Wacky Wobblers and POP!s. These are some fun items to use at work on your desk or at home display proudly next to your other collectibles. The POP!s are vinyl comic like versions of the characters while the Wacky Wobblers are essentially bobble heads of the characters from the film. Either way it is a cheap fun way to celebrate the awesomeness of Man of Steel.

play arts mos zod

Square Enix

Where would our superhero movies be without action figures. This movie has a wide variety from the not very detailed to the intricately detailed. My favorite figures from the movie are definitely the Play Art Kai figures by Square Enix. They are 10″ tall and super detailed. They can take on any pose so they are good for those of us kids at heart who want to play with them or for the series collector looking to decorate their fortress of solitude.

stock dc collectibles man of steel zod vs superman

DC Collectibles

Finally, today we will look at some other statues. These are made by DC Collectibles. There a few to choose from with Zod, Faora, Superman, Jor El, and Superman vs Zod available. These statues are great! For the most part they are a 1/6 scale and have poseable capes just like the Kotobukiya version. My favorite though is a 1/12 scale statue depicting Superman fighting Zod. The pictures of this statue were under wraps until a couple of weeks ago. I for one think it was worth the wait to get a look at it. It does a great job of capturing my imagination at what the movie will be like.

In the end all I can say folks is that toys are fun! If you aren’t in to collecting them or don’t have kids to let play with them you can at least admit that toys are a fun thing to look at from time to time. See you at the movies!!



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