Welcome to the movie trailer roundup.  Inside, we will pick a few trailers for upcoming movies that I think are notable, and I’ll decide if I will watch them when they are released, and how I will watch them.  Grab some popcorn, and get ready!



Let’s get this out of the way immediately.  Jesse Eisenberg’s wig is really stupid looking.  Come on Hollywood, we get it.  He’s a stoner.  He doesn’t HAVE to have long hair.  His natural curly hair would have been fine.  Sigh.  Anyway, this trailer would have benefited from being about two minutes shorter.  Just show us the beginning, show the awesome Connie Britton walk up and do her thing (Sidebar, she finally aged!  I thought she would look the same age forever but in this movie she definitely looks like she’s getting older.  Get ready for grandma parts Connie!).  Then show Eisenberg freaking out on the two grunts, followed by him being super confused and calling his girlfriend.  Then, show the title card.  Boom.  Trailer.  But instead they show us basically ALL the beats and twists and turns.  Trailers sure do ruin movies sometimes.  Will I be seeing this movie?  Sure.  I’d watch it with some of my dudes, drink a few beers and half pay attention to it.  It would be fun.  It’s the type of brainless movie that Eisenberg does after he’s done a really cool, subtle and thought provoking movie.  Speaking of…



David Foster Wallace was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful author.  Do yourself a favor and google him, and look at pictures.  Jason Segel does an amazing job here capturing Wallace.  I am very sold on this movie.  The only thing I’m worried about is that I’ll basically be watching a sensitive Seth Rogen film.  You know the plot.  Two dudes become best friends, then they get pissed at each other, and then they reconcile.  Hopefully there’s more going on here.  And I think there will be.  I’m a huge Segel fan.  He captured my heart in How I Met Your Mother, proved he was more than Marshall with his writing/acting turn in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then showed his full range in Jeff Who Lives At Home.  I think he should be a big star for years to come.  Jesse Eisenberg already is one.  And this is his chance to throw softballs at Segel and let him really fly.  I’m willing to bet this movie will be amazing.  So will I see it?  Oh yes.  Hopefully by myself, very late at night.  It just has that vibe.  Speaking of…



This movie looks so great!  It’s got everything I love.  Precocious kids making DIY movies (Like Be Kind Rewind, or Son Of Rambow), a high school coming of age plot, an Imagine Dragons song in the trailer, stars in small roles and lesser known actors as the leads, and I’ll probably cry.  That’s why yes, I’ll be watching this one alone late at night.  I’m excited to see the lead, Thomas Mann, who had a small part in one of my favorite movies “It’s Kind Of A Funny Story.”  Also, the lead girl is played by Olivia Cooke, who also plays a sick girl in Bates Motel.  Speaking of…



Just kidding!  There’s no “speaking of” transition to this movie.  Actually wait, how’s about ridiculous wigs like in American Ultra!?  Doesn’t count cause that was the first trailer we looked at?  Understood.  Anyway…  JOE DIRT!!?!?!  Are you kidding?  The original Dirt was an unlikely hit.  Actually I’m not sure that’s true.  I THINK it was a hit.  I could look up how much money it made, but I prefer my own version of things.  It was a small movie that was so unexpectedly awesome it made a kabillion dollars.  So of COURSE there’s a sequel.  It will be released exclusively on  What is, and more importantly, can we see it?  I have no clue.  Even though this trailer is confusing, (he’s back in time, but the same characters appear to be in it?  But not Kid Rock’s character… Instead they got Sugar Ray.  BOOM!) of course I will be seeing this movie.  I think I will make my wife watch the Dirt man with me.  And now for our last trailer…



Unpopular opinion!  I don’t like Elizabeth Banks.  She’s funny, but she always sounds sarcastic to me.  Not good for a drama.  Anyway, a few months ago I decided to get in to the Beach Boys.  It didn’t really work, I just listened to Sloop John B a hundred times, but I did a deep dive on them and came away really interested in Brian Wilson.  So I’m excited for this movie.  In it, John Cusack plays old Brian Wilson, and super awesome Paul Dano plays young Brian Wilson.  I will definitely be seeing this, because true stories based on people with mental illness are always interesting (A Beautiful Mind, Forrest Gump, Social Network?) and I hope to turn it in to a date night.  Oh, and ps, did anyone else REALLY want Cusack to hold up a boom box at the at the 2:10 mark?

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