MULTIMEDIOCRITY #11 – “Getting Azor Ahai on Kickain”

A STATE-LINES.COM Podcast hosted by Shawn Talley & “The Doofin” Matthew Hevey


MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! – Getting Azor Ahai on Kickain

// You don’t want none of this! It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings!” //

On this week’s episode of MULTIMEDIOCRITY, Doofin and Talley fawn over the first half of Game of Thrones‘ exhilarating seventh season, and look forward to what prophecies have yet to be fulfilled… and by whom. Their freeform conversation takes them everywhere: from the merits of Kate and Rooney Mara to David Fincher’s stellar filmography, from the new season of HBO’s Hard Knocks to the kickain-fueled decisions made by ’80s filmmakers and musicians. Doofin also recounts catching a revival screening of EXPLORERS and a harrowing experience at the clinic, while Talley threatens to blow up all round earth deniers before being reminded that mass murder is, in fact, wrong. Come for the defense of good-bad movie sequels like GREASE 2 and GREMLINS 2: The New Batch, stay for the discussion on what constitutes “Yacht Rock.” The guys double down (You always double down on 11) on this spirited installment, heard exclusively on the State Lines Network! “And you never once paid for drugs! Not once.”


— The previous episode: Multimediocrity: #10 – “In Praise of Dunkirk & Damn Dirty Apes”
— Intro Music: The Hold Steady – “Positive Jam” | Almost Killed Me (2004)
— Outro Music: Childish Gambino – “Fucks Given” | STN MTN / Kauai (2014)
— The passed-on pilot episode of The Lonely Island’s Awesometown
— The bugnuts crazy music video for Billy Ocean’s “Loverboy”
— Channel 101’s Yacht Rock, the entire glorious series

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