MULTIMEDIOCRITY #12 – “Take Me To The Pilate”

A STATE-LINES.COM Podcast hosted by Shawn Talley & “The Doofin” Matthew Hevey


MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast! – Take Me To The Pilate

// “I always feel like somebody’s watching me! ((And I have no privacy!))” //

On this installment of MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast, Talley & Doofin discuss Game of Thrones season seven’s sixth episode: the divisive, timeline-fudging “Beyond the Wall” and it’s major fallout (RIP Visy… well, sort of). The gents also touch on the state of our nation’s political discourse, or lack thereof, and the recent public rise of the bad guys we thought Cap and Indy already squashed. They also run the pop culture gamut, bouncing from Rockwell to Harry Potter. From Kurosawa’s “easterns” to Leone’s spaghetti westerns. From underrated Coen Brothers films to underrated A-list actors. Plus, Talley questions whether several older celebrities are still alive, while Doofin offers a different take on Pontius Pilate. Come for the defense of early-2000s pop-punk, stay for the poor Al Pacino impressions. The guys “take a flamethrower to this place!” on this hodgepodge episode, heard by way of the State Lines Network!


— The previous episode: Multimediocrity: #11 – “Getting Azor Ahai on Kickain”
— Opening Music: The Hold Steady – “Positive Jam” | Almost Killed Me (2004)
— Intro Song: Rockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” | (1984)
— Outro Song: Dead Kennedys – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” | In God We Trust, Inc. (1981)
— Closing Music: Childish Gambino – “Fucks Given” | STN MTN / Kauai (2014)

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// Oh, what a mess. I wonder who’s watching me now, ((WHO?)) the I.R.S.? //